Are you still wearing wide -leg pants? These 4 pants in autumn and winter are popular

Liya has invested 4 types for everyone, and you live enough for you to pass through this autumn and winter!


Straight pants: The god of the pear -shaped body in autumn and winter!


● Cover the meat and versatile

Although it is a bit wide, the straight pants obviously have a lot of convergence, the fabric will be harder, and the version will be more three -dimensional.

Give you the care of wide -leg pants to cover your legs, and you can also hold the destruction of the wind.

The matching of straight pants is too much. In autumn and winter, you can wrap your ankle with boots, and the visually increases and thinner.


Nine -point straight pants+short boots

The matching is warm and fashionable, but long straight pants are not fell. It is a bit similar to mopped pants, but its pants are usually more than ten centimeters longer than legs.

You have to use it at this time



Be careful, it is enough to roll once, it will not press a person or procrastinates, and it can also enrich the layered sense of wear.

Just simply match a sweater, casual and free -handed casual style, it is very suitable for daily life, and it does not pick up height and does not pick.

The advantages of split jeans can definitely list one or two:

Reduce restraint, long legs, thick legs …

And the long leg must be a big highlight, and the side splits on the basis of the straight tube.


Let the calf lines extend naturally to the instep

, Directly have the visual effect of pulling legs.

The denim element itself will have one



, With short jackets deepened this attribute.

This set of neutral style is very sufficient, and small white shoes will bring the overall effect to the overall effect. Although there are not too many articles on the single product, they pass youth and vitality.

● Various colors are free to pick up

Liya has always been in love with jeans. There is no reason. There are diverse styles and versatile. The key is not only the color of the classic denim blue.

The upper body of the trousers of denim fabrics will be quite included, very capable

Publishing models cover the shortcomings of the figure

In addition to other colors, it does not affect these advantages.

Black can be used as a suit pants, which is more than classic colors

Low -key and restrained

The style is also more mature.


White will reduce the age, so that the atmosphere is not so heavy, and sports shoes are simply a vitality group.

Even less daily color can be applied, but pay attention to the coordination of colors.

Liya teaches you a method that is not easy to make mistakes and lazy people:

Same color matching

Essence The same color system is different, and there is a shades of color transition, which will not make visual messy.

Tights: Learn quickly without spiritual wear!


Seeing this, many fairies probably want to say that they have been fighting, and including liya themselves, they are also very resistant to exposed curves.



When tight pants encounter boots

This combination is not a nightmare of pear -shaped figure.

The long boots with a length to the bottom of the knee can cover the problems of leg shape and calf. Combined with high heels

Physical increase

This aura and long -legged buying and selling are really not lost.

Fairy can use


Short -term

The matching ideas can exert the advantages of long legs to the extreme. Feminating and cooling coexistence must be exaggerated!

Cloud pants: good for autumn and winter atmosphere!

Soft cloud pants upper body, I feel that my bad emotions can forget half, I just want to fall into its softness.

But everyone should pay attention


Don’t choose too close -fitting styles

It has a strong sense of falling in itself. It is easy to expose the curve, which is not so friendly to the pear -shaped figure.

Cloud pants can be said to be a thin artifact, with the effect of the upper body second -changing paper.

You can use a short sweater to enlarge the lower body advantage, or you can also wear a sweater. This autumn morning’s lazy atmosphere is really comfortable.

Because the fabric is soft and the pendant feels strong, it will be slightly thinner and replace it



It will be thicker, windproof and warm.

Moreover, the feel of the lights is bursting, soft and glutinous, and it is comfortable and comfortable to wear.

Guards: Lazy/Lazy Star must have!

The pants are soft and warm, and it is really a capitalized with autumn and winter, not to mention that it can be worn directly with the sweater, and instantly saves the time to get up early.


There is no need to say more about the matching of sweaters. The overallness is very high.


Do not want to be too bloated, a fairy can add one like this

Down vest

, Can meet the needs of warmth, but not feel too much.

This year is still popular



The pants are more fashionable and distinctive than the basic models, and the upper body is more straight.


And it looks milk, it is not easy to hit the money. It is very eye -catching with sweaters, sweaters, and sweater.

(Picture source red@(oil)

There is also a must -have woolen pants in winter. Generally, the thick woolen pants of this fabric will be fat, but it is wonderful in the two hot lines in the middle of the pants.

At the same time, there is a visual segmentation that supports the outline, which can be thinner, and it is not easy to show the soil.

And it has

Walf Texture


, Fashionable and warm it. With a soft glutinous sweater, the two directly compose a song of winter love songs!

The good -looking and versatile pants, Liya, found 4 kinds of for everyone, don’t always stare at wide -leg pants!


The matching of different pants is even more diverse, sweaters, sweaters, sweater, thick coats … easily without samples for a month.

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