[Dress example] Open the wardrobe of the first label Olivia

In fact, Olivia had said it a long time ago? But it’s too early. Looking at the previous article, I have a little astringent hold, so the cake girl has to write a good wave. Let ’s … not much nonsense, let’ s start from scratch:

Olivia Palermo, the first Chinese New York, has beauty, youth and wealth, and is a new star in the New York Society. As a popular beauty at the NEW York Society, Olivia Palermo must also be good at dressing up, perhaps she has a hard -to -style model. No matter what is a rich and willful lady, there can be so many whole people who are suitable for our ordinary people to Copy, it is also worthy of bringing a red flower!

In the past, we wrote the same as the analysis rules and style items in the same field, and there were too many Olivia Palermo to write. For example, she and her model husband who had a taste with her showed all kinds of fashionable and affection. Her style of elements, but she must be proud as a wealthy lady who is more rich and not disgusted. So today we will look at the classic items (this series may be used for better use in order to better demonstrate, please forgive me), and if the couple -type girls are interested, we will come back.

① white shirt


White shirt, who can’t have one? Olivia uses the best thing to match with a small dress, capable and solemn. This point we wrote earlier, Letizia Ortiz, is also very good.

② jeans


As the most ordinary wardrobe items, jeans are no exception here. Fur … everything can be used, and every Outfit can be practical. Copy is the most rare.

Olivia’s favor of denim pencil pants is like a shadow -like man who slipped at her Malzis friends.


③ jeans+white shirt

The white shirts and thousands of jeans are not tightened. For Olivia, the same white shirt+the same Rebecca MinkOff denim denim pencil pants, but always interpret different style, there is no particular difficult Piece jacket … Different accessories are different LOOK.


⑤ denim shirt


In fact, this product does not need to say that in our basic list, it is no longer on fire. How can the girls who have been in the big cakes lack this item that can rewrite the style at will?

But you have denim shirts, will you come to different levels of jeans/denim skirts? The big cake said that the denim jacket with jeans is too low, but the match between denim shirts and denim products turned over and became a “fashionable emperor”, which became a routine for all coffee. You can’t nor or not ~


⑥ Black pencil pants (leather pants)

Recently, the most bubbling black pencil pants are the most bubbling. How can the lower body in winter missing its existence is no exception in Olivia.

Pencil leather pants are also necessary for dog walking dogs. Iron proves are not much words in this cake girl …


+Denim shirt+pencil leather pants


Denim shirts with pencil leather pants, coupled with the treasure blue high -heeled shoes that echoed the shirt, can be used in all four seasons. Are the friends Mark?

Turtleneck sweater

Black turtleneck sweater must be sealed to a universal bottoming title. Look at casually put on the denim pencil pants/pencil leather pants … The same coat can be controlled, and the matching is as simple as that.


裙 pencil bag hip skirt

Whether it is used in mix or matching or special items, the hip skirt is definitely another fashionable weapon, a model of feminine flavor.

The basic items are here, let’s take a look at the versatile items who have been played by Olivia:


If you also have a pleated chiffon skirt, the transformation is really the same?

Plaid pants wave dot shirt

Short pants are used for base or high waistline, and different usage effects will be very different, and the most simple V -type creation of shirts is also practical and easy to learn.


Look at the same high -necked sweaters and pants with Givenchy bags, and change the big change of pair of shoes and a small fur to indicate the important impact of shoes on the style.

The random military jacket itself is very easy to match ~ The cake girl no longer cost more.


It is our focus to put the focus on the figure. The bikini photo can best explain the figure. The Olivia, which was thin and thin, was also a flat -cut body, and the waist didn’t look short. As the biggest advantage of the whole body, it is really appropriate to flip it up and read the picture. It is really the role of pencil pants+exposed legs, and the role of dressing is no longer emphasized!

And always complaining that others are all golden figures. Do you still lament that others are born with the tight muscles? You still haven’t moved?

In addition, we pay attention to so many practical basic items, and do not let go of the special items that best explain the Olivia style, and do more research to better cultivate their own style and taste.

Finally, the perfect Couple of Beauty+handsome guy, do we have to write it? Mo Yu Mo, these are left to us again …

Note: All original contents have not been permitted, and they will be rejected by the legal way without permission. Welcome girls to help the big cakes supervise and report to tell the big cake.


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