Throw away small white shoes! These “shoes” popular this year, with skirts and pants look good

Many girls usually pay more attention to the choice of tops and bottoms in terms of clothing. As everyone knows, in fact, a pair of suitable and beautiful shoes is also a key part of the overall dress. A pair of good shoes can play a finishing touch, and the overall style is instantly harmonious.

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the most common shoes for everyone may be small white shoes. Simple white will not be obtrusive with any clothes, and you don’t need to spend too much attention.

But this year, little white shoes are out of date! “Love Shoes”, which is simpler and more suitable for lazy people than small white shoes, has become the new favorite of trendy big coffees!

Love shoes are actually classic shoes.

The design of Lefa’s shoes is quite different. It has no lace shape, and it saves effort to wear and takes off.


Save the time to wear shoes and take off shoes,

For the little fairy who needs to go to work every day, it is the best choice for commuting. Don’t look at the style of Lefu’s shoes simple and versatile,

In fact, it is a bit small to really use loafers to do a good job. Let’s take a look together!


1. Let’s choose Love shoes first

As a fashionable and comfortable shoes, Lefu shoes are not only fashionable and beautiful, but also very versatile. So what should we choose in such a pair of shoes to not step on the mine? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian today ~


(1) On the style

There are three styles of loafers: three types:

Beef shoes, round head shoes and square shoes



We know that people’s foot type is about the following four types. It is most important to choose the most appropriate shoes to choose the most suitable shoes.


鞋 鞋 ☛ ☛ ☛ -Greek foot

Polaroter’s loafers, the lines are crisp and neat,


The toe extends forward, which is suitable for Greek feet with long second toe, and your feet are thin and slender.

鞋 Round -headed loafers -Egyptian feet, Greek feet

Round -headed loaf shoes, the lines of the toe are round and smooth,


The internal space of a round toe is also larger, and the tolerance of the foot shape is stronger

, So whether it is the shape of the Egyptian feet, or the protruding Roman feet and Greek feet, it can be controlled.

—— 鞋 ☛ ☛ 马 -Roman foot, Egyptian foot, square feet

The square head of the Great Carrefour is flat and flat in shape of the toe. Except for Greek feet, other foot shapes are suitable.

Greek feet wearing square shoes will be squeezed to the outstanding second toe ~

(2) Adaptation style

可 Light, salt and sweet -pointed shoes

In terms of style, pointed shoes are filled with mature and elegant atmosphere, which is more suitable for mature women in the workplace, and more set off a strong aura. With pants is a streamlined and capable female strong woman, and a slim skirt is a charming and beautiful killer.

—— Age reduction, girl department -round head shoes


The rounded shape of the rounded shoes gives people a sense of younger state. The upper foot is a sweet style. Compared with other styles, it is more suitable for Mori Girl, soft girl style, and salt system. The small skirt is basically no style. The three colors of black and white brown in the shoes can be paired with 10,000 years! You are the youngest beautiful girl!

大 Retro, neutral, big woman -square shoes

The retro style of square shoes is more formal and serious on the feet. The overall style is more neutral compared to other styles. Suitable for some handsome and stylish neutral wear. With a skirt, it is a different big woman style. The skirt is recommended with the over -the -knee skirt that can outline the body curve.

(3) For soles height

但 thick bottom, increased but low comfort


Thick -bottom Lefu shoes are usually the style of loose cake shoes. The thick sole shoes can increase in appearance. Girls who are not very satisfied with height can try to choose a thick -bottomed loaf shoes to wear a sweet style. However, it also has disadvantages. It is that the sole is not invisible enough, it will have a sense of bulky, and the comfort of walking will be greatly reduced.

适 thin bottom, comfortable and casual


The thin -soled shoes are generally low heels. Compared with thick soles of shoes, the quality is lighter, and the comfort of walking is better. It is recommended to choose this shoe to choose a style with more insteps. When matching the ankle, the legs will appear slender, the overall style will be more free and free, and the sense of fashion is stronger.


2. Recommended Suggestion of Lefu Shoes

NO.1 skirt control


身 shirt+skirt+loaf shoes


The dark blue shirt with a brown skirt, full of autumn, the rounded head of Lefu shoes is handsome in the handsomeness, the bags and sweaters are brown, the overall match is particularly suitable for autumn. Good choice. Except for matching

Straight skirt


We can also choose in daily life



Plaid skirt

This combination, brown is more British style, suitable for autumn.

Alne knee dress+loaf shoes

Chiffon’s jacket long skirts are fluttering. Light khaki suit jackets can echo the neutral beauty of loafers. At the same time, it can also neutralize the neutral beauty of Lefu shoes. The overall is more feminine. The matching of the hat and bag echoed the color of the shoes. In addition to chiffon dresses, like daily life

There are knitted dresses in floral dresses, whether long skirts or short skirts

It is very suitable for matching shoes.

College wind sweater+pleated skirt+loaf shoes

Knitted sweater+shirt+pleated skirt and love shoes, this is the standard of college style

, Pleated skirt can also be replaced


Plaid plea skirt or JK skirt,

With a round -headed Lefu shoes, I returned to the school days. Whoever saw it had to be so good and cute! When the weather is colder, a sleeveless sweater is added outside the shirt, which is warm and stylish.

NO.2 Pants Control

仔 Sweatshirt+jeans+loaf shoes

The sweaters and jeans are old partners. Generally, everyone is paired with sports shoes, but if it is matched with loafers, it is also very picky, giving people a casual and casual feeling. Jeans we can choose straight trousers jeans,

Straight pants do not pick people or pick age

The combination of two versatile items will not make an error.

格Thot+plaid pants+loaf shoes

For grid -controlled girls, the grid high waist pants must be a great choice. If you choose high -waist trousers with short T, it is a daily simple and leisure style,


If you choose the upper body and a black west, the lower body is a plaid wide -leg pants, and the Lefu shoes are handsome and commuting wind.

It is very suitable for going to work. If you choose a grid nine -point pants,

The nine -point trouser legs, the legs are high and thin, and

Combine the proper British style with loafers.


装 Shirt+suit pants+loaf shoes

Many women in the workplace prefer professionalism, so shirts and suit pants with loafers must be very suitable. Remove ordinary black and white gray, choose color systems such as apricot, beige, and oat color.

It is suitable for autumn, but not dull

, Fashionable will not be bad at all, but also takes into account the overall professional sense, suitable for mature workplace women.

That’s it about the sharing of wearing today. I want to tell you that the little white shoes are just one of the many shoes when we wear it. It is not the only one. Regardless of the four seasons, many other shoes are versatile and fashionable. I hope that everyone can discover the charm of loafers through this article and add different colors to their own wear.




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