Stuart Weitzman Reserve Women’s Writers Pastening Kee Boot $ 332.5+$ 49.71 Tax Direct Mail

In 5050, the price of Reserve has a good price, and the size is relatively complete. Many people think that the SW family is not unusual except 5050 other discounts. It’s better than 5050

Stuart Weitzman Reserve 女款拼接过膝靴$332.5+$49.71含税直邮

~ Stuart Weitzman is a high -end shoe brand from the United States. Because it is the first lady’s favorite brand, it is extraordinary. Of course, Hollywood stars are indispensable for him. No stranger.

Stuart Weitzman Reserve 女款拼接过膝靴$332.5+$49.71含税直邮

The 5050 -knee boots of Stuart Weitzman have been hot for a long time. The street shooting trend of Hollywood actresses and fashion bloggers has its figure. And this Reserve over -the -knee boots is a new model launched by SW after the 5050 fire. Reserve’s boots height, legs, and toe heels are basically the same. Take into account the comfort of walking,

For girls who are slightly short, maybe Reserve is a better choice

Essence Same as 5050, uses a splicing format, the front is used to use soft NAPA lambskin, and the back is elastic and elastic loose fabric. Not only is it visually modified, it can stretch the leg lines; it is more easy to wear and not easy to pull, and the calf belly is better and more comfortable. Generally, the knee boots do have certain requirements for the shape of the legs, and they are suspected of pulling hatred, but this sheepskin and tight parts are very soft. Although there is no zipper, it can be rolled out like wearing a long pot socks. The flat heel shoes are also worn more daily. Of course, there is still a common problem with knee boots, that is, the knee and ankle is relatively easy to wear for a long time. The boots height is 45-50cm, and 4.5cm high.

Stuart Weitzman Reserve 女款拼接过膝靴$332.5+$49.71含税直邮

Amazon’s current black snake skin pattern models except for 7.5 yards special price to $ 332.5, the size is relatively complete, which can be directly mailing in China. The postage is about $ 16.46, the taxes and fees are 33.25 US dollars, and it will be about 2390 yuan. Yuan, the price is lower, the price of the anti -season stocking is good ~ domestic simultaneous purchasing price is about 2500 to 5,000 yuan. The imitation version of the purchase is mostly deepened, and it needs to be carefully identified. Haitao has a certain price advantage and guarantees the truth. At present, the Amazon China Overseas Purchase Channel also has corresponding product sales. The price is the same, and it is more convenient to buy.

Stuart Weitzman Reserve 女款拼接过膝靴$332.5+$49.71含税直邮

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