World of Warcraft: The fire rim has not been extinguished again! Can you do it?

Since the nostalgic service announced that the black wing is about to start, the major guilds have been preparing to work in the early stage of wasteland. In order to be able to pass the fast -growing period, most branches will definitely be biased towards the CL system. Of course, some will discuss the difficulty of using the EPGP system to improve the wasteland. However, a guild MS player said that the current priest’s tentative priest must let a few CDs tolerate the small dend! And MS is a bit unwilling, everyone hopes that the equal bid is to compete with the French hammer! Let’s discuss whether the priority can be practical!


Presumably, players who have played World of Warcraft have some understanding of the treatment occupation. Pure treatment bonuses and legal injuries plus Chengdu have the upper limit. The NEF hammer is only a magic injury bonus, but the blessing is a pure treatment bonus. If you play AM, the NEF hammer is definitely very obvious, but praying for Godpiece is definitely more suitable for you. The NEF Hammer’s increase in XD/SM (generalization of weapons) is significantly huge. Especially under the premise of taking the hammer by XD/SM, the priority of restoring gemstones and pure source rings is equal to MS.


Besides, the priest’s prayer is not the treatment bonus but only increases the health of the treatment of the treatment spell. At present, only the recovery of 100%bonus is restored to the same treatment effect. Treatment only 82%bonuses for 3 seconds. Not to mention that the 1.5s of 1.5S can be bonus quickly. However, in the MC version, the pastor has a blessing, and the Plassee has only one of the broken hammers dropped by Gal. Xiaode can get Tongyu (it should be only a minority). There are less grabbing!


But since the guild is going to get EPGP, it must be a bit inappropriate. After all, you are not DKP everything for the team. However, NEF Hammer is still in the top of XD/SM. First of all, players who play the priest’s profession know which equipment BWL is the most worthwhile. The most important thing is that if Nafa gives MS, it costs a lot to achieve the effect of praying. It is best to discuss with the management. Since a few CD -resistant hammers are given to Little De Sad, can you give priority to MS?

Do you think that begging hammer is preferred?

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