Brief description of high -speed motors

1. Definition of high -speed motor

High -speed motors usually refer to motors with a speed of more than 10000R/min. They are directly connected to the original motivation to cancel traditional deceleration agencies.

Second, high -speed motor advantages

1. The motor is high -efficiency, strong power performance, and is particularly powerful when starting and climbing

2. Due to the high speed, the motor has high power density, and the motor that is far less than ordinary power can effectively save materials.

3. It can be connected to the original motivation to cancel traditional deceleration agencies, with high transmission efficiency and small noise.

4. Due to the small inertia of high -speed motors, dynamic response is fast.

5. High -speed electric motor is fixed, rotor relative rotation speed is fast, and the anti -electromotive force generates is high. The working current generates the working current in the winding, consumes small current, and saves power.

3. Disadvantages of high -speed motors

1. Maintenance is more, the gear mechanism has a certain life limit, and even if a gear is worn, it needs to be replaced by the whole group.

2. There is a slightly high motor gear meshing sound, and noise will be larger.

3, disassembly is more complicated and costs higher.

4. The reason for choosing a high -speed motor

1. After deceleration, you can meet the requirements of low speed at a better performance.

2. High -speed motor control accuracy is high. Similarly, the speed error of 10R/min is 0.1%for high -speed motors of 10000R/min, and the error of 100R/min is 10%.

3. Easy to make, the volume is relatively small, and the price is relatively low.

4. Running is less affected by load changes, and the same size load changes are directly acting on the motor for low -speed motors. For N times the high -speed motor, the force is only 1/n.

5. How to distinguish high -speed motors

High -speed motors have gear deceleration structures. It can be distinguished by a simple method. The motor rotates the motor backward at the back when static. It is very laborious or even turning to a high -speed motor. It also has a mechanical noise of gear gear at high -speed motors during cycling.

6. Application of high -speed motors

(1) High -speed motors are applied on various occasions such as air conditioning or refrigerators, and with the development of science and technology, special requirements are becoming more and more widely wide.

(2) With the development of hybrid vehicles in the automotive industry, small volume, light -weight high -speed generators will be fully valued, and have good application prospects in the fields of hybrid vehicles, aviation, ships and other fields.

(3) The high -speed generator driven by the gas turbine is small and has high mobility. It can be used for spare power supply for some important facilities. It can also be used as an independent power supply or small power station to make up for the lack of centralized power supply. It has important practical value Essence

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