The Korean version of the suit thugs are both visible, the Ginnis Saius G80 sports version, will 3.5T introduce 3.5T in China?

Modern Ginnisa G80 is amazing, design, configuration and use, all of them are luxurious. Therefore, when it appeared in China, many netizens had a snack. This exquisite Korean version of “suit” is somewhat a little bit unable to stop. It’s just that the business atmosphere is a bit too strong, such as BMW and Mercedes -Benz both have sports suits or sports versions. If Genisei wants to grab their market, there is no sports version.


Let’s look at what the G80 sports version looks like. In fact, there is nothing very much changed, but in terms of body trim, the wheel style and color matching style. It makes this car more young and more stylish. A little bit of Bentley. There are obvious changes in the front, and emphasize a sense of movement. There are also a few changes to the interior. For example, a three -frame sports steering wheel cancel the wood grain, replaced with the carbon fiber trim, and the exclusive red and black color color, which makes you young.


At present, the official has not given specific changes, but the overall feeling is awesome. Giniscyz officially stated that the G80 sports version will be listed overseas in the third quarter. As for domestic, there is a probability that there will be, but just like the models pre -sale now, the 3.5T version is estimated to have no drama. It may only be 2.5T four four four. The cylinder engine. Regardless of BBA, will this be more unique to buy one?

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