Hettich Hettich, Germany, participated in the 4th Expo with hardware accessories to “live” furniture

-When the space magic reshape the new experience of the people’s residence, and take the East Treaty to realize the opening of the blog

Shanghai, November 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Fourth China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Expo”) officially opened at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. Global Furniture Hardware Industry Leader Hettich Hettich with the latest spatial solutions-25 square meters flexible apartment to achieve “enrollment”, use hardware accessories to “live” furniture, to meet Chinese consumers with beautiful lives and good life Millet.

“As one of the earliest batch of furniture companies entering the Chinese market, Hettich Hettich, Germany, deeply cultivated the Chinese market and knows the increasing demand of Chinese consumers. Being able to participate in the Expo Expo is an open event, the best platform to establish a deep connection with Chinese consumers by the “Dongfeng” of the Expo. The world’s leading latest spatial solution-to Jane’s 25-square-meter flexible apartment, it is well known that hardware accessories are the soul of furniture. As the leader of the global furniture hardware industry, Hettich, Germany, continues to empower Chinese furniture companies and work with the industry together with the industry. Bring a better home life to terminal consumers, to satisfy their pursuit of a beautiful living and a better life. “

As an important member of the German exhibition, the latest spatial solution brought by Hettich Hettich, Germany also praised the German Consul General, Pit Heltmann in Shanghai, and personally and the person in charge of Heidi Poetry China Marketing Department Sun Tengfei The gentleman had a cordial conversation and learned about the exhibition situation carefully.

德国海蒂诗Hettich参展第四届进博会 用五金配件让家具“活”起来

Hettich 25 square meters flexible apartment in Heittich

To Jian Zhizhen’s 25 -square -meter flexible apartment space magic to win all the beautiful “Zhijian” of a home is to go to reserved and Zhenzhen. Today, where the urbanization process is becoming increasingly accelerated, people’s demand for winning space has also increased dramatically. 25 square meters The three major spaces of Zhongcong into the living room, the dining area, and the bathroom area seem to be reduced. In fact, the “Zhizhen” of the uncompromising quality of life is Fascin [Action]. The three -terminal consumer’s home demand for space is set off, and the hardware accessories are fully used in the space to “live” the furniture.

Resting space magician, the heart is unbounded between the square inch

The living room is the beautiful rest area of ​​the 25 -square -meter flexible apartment in a few square meters of space to “live” hardware accessories to create the warm and unrelated area of ​​the home where the home is. Essence

When you enter the living room, you can see the TV cabinet at a glance. The cabinet below the TV is equipped with four solid wood drawers. The storage space is spacious. The push -pull is smooth like a TV, looking up from the TV. The locker uses the Slideline M door movement system, bringing a stunning migration feeling.

Hettich 25 square meters flexible apartment bathroom space in Hettich

The cabinet on the right of the TV has a slim shape. No matter how small the home space, you can easily play with the Wingline L folding door system. You need to push the door gently, the cabinet is open immediately, and the entire storage space is presented in front of the eyes. The items are easy and convenient. Between the square inches, it can also be performed poetically.

德国海蒂诗Hettich参展第四届进博会 用五金配件让家具“活”起来

The kitchen space magician, the fireworks are comfortable and boundless

The dining and kitchen area is the lively dining area of ​​the lively dynamic and kitchen area where the lively social field is in the lively social field of the 25 -square -meter flexible apartment to create the warmth of the space of the fireworks and the comfort. Let family members spend a leisurely dining time together.

Entering the kitchen, everything is well -organized, and the spacious storage space is hidden in the back of the cabinet without a stretching panel, and immediately opens the storage space. Even if both hands are occupied by the ingredients, you can easily push away the Innotech Atira drawer with any part of the body. Life.

Hettich 25 square meters flexible apartment kitchen space in Hettich

德国海蒂诗Hettich参展第四届进博会 用五金配件让家具“活”起来

The hidden refrigerator on the right side of the kitchen is hidden behind the doorless door. When it is hidden in the shape of the refrigerator door, the Easys 200 electric bomb push system is easy and labor -intensive. With 5 seconds of self -closed systems, no need to worry about the embarrassment of forgetting the door to close the door. The KAMAT high heavily hinge is installed on the top of the refrigerator door. It is guaranteed that the large door can steadily open the closet above the kitchen.

The restaurant space is more exquisitely matched with the table table of the Topline XL door movement system to slide back and forth. Six small wood pumps under the table of the table on the table of the table are integrated with the table. The side of the side is equipped with a push -type Cargo basket to ensure that it is convenient to obtain items, which is in line with ergonomics.

Hettich 25 square meters flexible apartment restaurant space and telescopic stairs

The stairs at the dining table are connected to the bedroom. The staircase of the retractable building is hidden in the cabinet. Usually it looks like a cabinet. When you need it, open the door with a Sensys hinge, and you can pull out the temporary steps to the upstairs to wake up in the morning. Only When you need to push it, you can shrink the stairs back to hide, without taking up the daily activity space Quadro Big Duplex drawer sliding rail with a supporting roller, open upstairs and downstairs. Quadro V6 4D slip rail, it can be described as a space utilization artifact.

The bathroom space magician, the orderly room is as high as simple

德国海蒂诗Hettich参展第四届进博会 用五金配件让家具“活”起来

The bathroom area is the private exclusive space bathroom layout of the 25 -square -meter flexible apartment. The comfortable atmosphere can create a sacred place for a private and exclusive heart.

Step into the bathroom, the visible mirror cabinet uses the Slideline M door -shifting system. The mirror is the cabinet door. It does not occupy excess space. To achieve “mirror walking with people”, without changing the position, without having to compete, you can realize the mirror of multiple people.

Below the mirror cabinet, the hanging type pot cabinet with the Arcitech drawer system. The first layer of U -shaped pumping design is to save the separator in the space drawer, which makes the storage space well. In the morning, the items are attributed to their positions, so you don’t have to waste time to find it, and to greatly enjoy the quiet private time.

Hettich 25 square meters flexible apartment bathroom space in Hettich

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