Analyze the full routine of the cottage and tell you which books can never be touched

Summary with the boss in semi -annual, whenever asked about the fixed problem such as “how many new customers have been pioneered”, I am always miserable because I don’t know how to talk about it in the answer like “0”. Of course, of course, of course, of course , Emotional Talking, the evaporation of bonuses is a big thing that makes me feel painful.

To be honest, at this moment I am particularly envious of the two product lines of mobile phones and home appliances. After all, singing rock, comic dialogue, or even small fresh meat can make a mobile phone (although it is OEM), while white electricity, black electricity, small appliances The scope of radiation is too wide, and there are countless product lines and new brands entering your circle every year.

In contrast, the PC industry, although the interpretation of personal computing in the macro, has included all walks of life, and even cars will be a member of the future PC terminal, but from the perspective of micro tool attributes, now “keeping rivers and mountains” basically and ” There was no different time during the “hitting riverside” period, and few fresh blood could obtain the common recognition of the market, peers and consumers. The root cause is the high threshold of PC devices. This high threshold refers to capital strength and technical strength. Details such as molds, quality control, materials, channels, and design. If you do not have strong financial strength and technical strength, it is impossible to do.

Therefore, you can see that in the past ten years in the large -scale PC, only the two fresh blood of Huawei and Xiaomi are considered orthodox. Sony sells the PC business. Therefore, high yields and low returns are naturally not involved in capital. If you have been walking along the plot of Intel Tick-Tock, the entire PC market conveys the stable and pure competition that should be unimaginable.

MacBook Air, launched in 2008, is a pc cottage crowbar (picture source: wikimedia)

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

Coincidentally, MacBook Air has become a timing bomb for eternal state. The entire industry is like an enemy, but it has become a part of the parents of food and clothing. No one has given specific answers, but in my opinion, this should be called the first year of PC cottage. And in the wave of banner -type marketing models of the Internet, tablet computer, ultra -pole, and game notebooks, slowly take root, ripen, and germinate!

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

Many people ask the reason. In fact, the reason is simple, but that is, the worse gap between the rich and the poor in China. When Li Lei in the first -tier cities believes that 5,000 yuan is already the average price of a laptop, the budget of the Xiaoming computer in the seven -tier cities may It is only 1,000 yuan, but the “regular army” can only radiate to third -tier cities, while the vacancies in the fourth -level cities are catalysts for the development of cottage culture.

Cottage is the result of the natural selection of the market. As long as the favorable canch is never eliminated, then in this trend, identification skills become very important. We will not discuss the principle of floating in the air today. The author’s experience starts, and talk about what the notebooks that must not be touched?

Exaggeration is a form of art. I do n’t know when it starts, advertising seems to be an art, because you can see the exaggerated performance of each one in product propaganda. Objectively speaking It’s all things that are once or now, but people always believe that they are willing to believe. For example, a brand you have never heard of (provided you know this industry), it may be in its In the propaganda copy, you will be very angry at this time, because in your opinion, you will feel that you will be insulting your IQ at this time.

The search name related to Taobao Shangzhai notebook

As the saying goes, “lack of strength to brag to make up”, this is even more reflected in the cottage manufacturers. For example, in recent years, there are indeed many new traditions of PC brands that we call cottage, such as Mai Ben, and it Dai Rui, Zhongbai, Naruto, Comet, etc., they often promote themselves in a high configuration and high -sales volume, “cumulative sales exceeded XXXX platform”, “XX black technology”, in fact, this is a propaganda routine, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one, as a one Do you know how many units it has sold? And Black Technology is even more torn. A copycat manufacturer is the initiator of Black Technology. Do you believe it?

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

How many of the two lines after the countdown are familiar?

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

Besides, it is not meaningful to have a problem in stable, secure, and after -sales as a tool -based device. It is also meaningless to have problems in the stacking and luxurious configuration in a year or two. Objectively speaking, some international brands will have such problems. Besides, these cottage brands, and the after -sales sales of cottage brands are almost zero, which means that your money is drifting. The most important thing is that cottage and low prices are not necessarily equal. It is not uncommon for some cottage brands to sell for 4,000 or 5,000 yuan. It is a bitter to spend money to take care of it? So don’t save the psychological psychology to buy big brands is the king!

Do you believe that the cottage brand promotes the black technology?

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

The price of cottage brand products is not cheap

How to solve this phenomenon? This depends on what the soil has bred the cottage. The root cause is that the regular depth of the regular army is insufficient. The sinking of these e -commerce platforms in the mall, after all, builds a form of traditional channels such as offline stores. One of the time is heavy, the second time is long, and the three -to -see is slow. The above problems. Of course, the township -level offline after -sales service centers are still necessary, and the time is tightly task. Do n’t slack off for big manufacturers!

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

The moment when Jobs pulled out MacBook Air from the cowhide paper bag ten years ago, this action actually pressed his left and right hands to press a button unconsciously. Baihua has a catalyst of hundreds of argument, many businessmen who have computer knowledge and are experiencing the decline of the DIY industry, because the high attention of MacBook Air has brought the vast majority A came into being, and such formulas were completely established in all industries.

The high imitation version of Apple only needs 1380, but the MacBook Air has not played a 10.6 -inch version!

Objectively speaking, most of the cottage mobile PC devices in this world start with imitation and even cloned MacBook Air. In the hottest years of the hottest years, you walk around in Huaqiangbei. , Even hardware can be customized.

This cottage brand not only imitates the design style of the webpage is the same!

I have to say that in the first few years, these so -called Li Gui Air is very bad in terms of workmanship, configuration, and materials. In recent years The clothing shoes and hats are different. The latter you buy is a satisfaction with the appearance, and you buy the value of the notebook. The appearance is a bit like the apple, but it is used to use the crashes, blue screens, and frequent problems. what’s the point? The most important thing is that there is no light apple in the middle!

Recent high imitation masterpiece -Lapbook Air

Finally, I want to say that the cottage manufacturer really loves the MacBook Air. Recently, there is another cottage masterpiece Lapbook Air. You must know that Apple has intended to give up the product line of MacBook Air. The Shangzhai manufacturer will not hang on a tree, but multi -line development. For example, this manufacturer that launched the cottage Air also has a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 not long ago, but what I want to say is the PC device as a tool attribute. Talking about face, choosing a big brand is king.

The Internet was a phenomenal incident that year. In 2007, ASUS created the concept of surfing the Internet through EEEPC. It seemed to see another opportunity to make money and Intel’s strong support. Hold your arms and hold your sleeves to prepare a big job.

However, the good times did not last long. As the most firm supporters of the Internet, ASUS and Hongji have stopped manufacturing online from January 1, 2013, which means that the life of the Internet has ended 4 years ago. But if you enter the “Internet Book” in Taobao, Tmall, and, you will find that there are still many products.

Not just high imitation Apple, but also a fake online book!

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

Among them, there are many products of well -known brands such as Lenovo, ASUS, and Acer. Although in a strict sense, the body of 11.6 inches (7 inches on the Internet -10.2 -inch) of them should no longer be returned to the Internet camp. Moreover Acer has clearly stated that it is no longer produced by the Internet, so the internet book description added here is just a hot word added to the merchant to avoid leakage. In fact, the precise title of this type of book should be a super portable notebook.

If the above mentioned above can barely be counted as the Internet, then the 14 -inch fuselage is a bit unspeakable for products. The low -cost cottage goods are just like the friend in the screenshot to buy a nearly 1,000 yuan computer only a few months?

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

The price of laptops is no longer high. As the competition exacerbates major manufacturers, it has worked hard on product prices, and thinning profits is the most common approach. Today, a profit of only tens of yuan is very common.

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

1500 yuan is basically the watershed of cottage and big names

Ten years ago, the price of laptop computers basically started 10,000 yuan. Five years ago, it started 5,000 yuan. Now it is a thousand yuan starting. Even if you visit Taobao, you can find a notebook of 700 yuan. Will ask if the price is the threshold, what price can you buy and what price cannot be bought?

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

The internal structure of the Qianyuan Cottage can be said to be terrible

A big premise is that the price must not be touched. Specifically, it is a product with a price below 1500 yuan, because you will find that you will find that the ultra -low -price market below 1500 yuan can be described as a cottage world. We do not deny cottage products. It can be used, but the cottage products are generally miracles that can not occur for two years. According to the survey data, it is found that the update of most people’s PC devices is limited to 5 years at this time. The rhythm of the year is not necessarily appropriate!

Naked lessons, greedy and cheap!

Do not believe? Then you can look at our disassembly of a thousand -yuan cottage book. The structure inside can be described as terrible

As a tool -type product, the computer update rate is the slowest, so it must be the most careful when choosing a computer for consumers. So, is it safe and harmless except for the so -called big brands of cottage products? As the saying goes, everything is absolutely absolute. Next, let me go from the experience. Let’s stay as far as possible for ordinary consumers.

1. Niche high price

In this era of advocating personalization, you will find that Chinese people like to follow the flow of major things such as buying cars, buying houses, and studying abroad. In fact, it is the best way to diversify risks, because something is selected by most people to some extent means that it is a dual test of the market and consumers, which will obviously greatly reduce the risk factor!

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

This kind of niche supported by feelings is not recommended to buy

Naturally, this principle should also be used in the purchase of laptop computers. Although the price of a laptop is no longer high, it is not the case for you to buy a niche in a horn. Don’t think it’s expensive and not discounted, why? It’s very simple, and the scale cannot be pulled down. Do you say it might reduce the price? The most important thing is that there are few people buying niche products. When you drive the production line, you need to throw money in it, so that you may stop production at any time, so if your book is ill and has a disaster to repair it, it is not convenient to repair it. After all, there are very few accessories, so for the old working class, it is best to buy computers honestly. Of course, if you are wrapped in the waist, you will be another matter.

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

2. The book that can only be bought by purchasing

How many parents who have babies have not purchased? I believe that this answer does not exceed 10%. For example, like the author, he will often buy sneakers, clothes, and milk powder. Even if you add postage, it is 30%cheaper than domestic. Many products make people use unreasonable and uneasy.

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

The author is Haitao’s firm supporters and users, but here it does not include electronic products, especially PC devices. In fact, I really can’t think of the reason why they go to Haitao to buy books. The reason why it is not in China, however, as a productivity tool, if your purchase starting point is from the value of use, the products that are like Niu Mao in the domestic market can be completely selected to the one that is good.

You can only buy the book that you can buy to stay away from the subsequent after all after all.

Of course, you may be convinced by the exquisite workmanship of Japanese products, and now like Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC, and Fujitsu have basically withdrawn from the domestic market. Objectively speaking Are you sure you can use it happily? In addition, there are practical issues such as transportation, maintenance, and high prices. For the sake of feelings, you need to worry about it?

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

3. Hot -selling second -hand notebooks

Why can’t the hot -selling second -hand notebook be touched? In fact, I believe everyone understands the truth. Whenever it is modified by the words such as hot -selling and second -hand, the renovation phenomenon is as good as hairy. Even if it is rich in professional knowledge, it may not be able to be alone, let alone a lot of little white users.

解析山寨满满的套路 告诉你哪些本绝不能碰

Dell XPS13-9360

For example, the Dell XPS13-9360 in the picture is the version currently being sold. Speaking of this price, it costs 6,599 yuan to buy a second-hand. Whether it is new, will it be uncomfortable if you hang your heart with your heart?Moreover, you can buy a lot of good products at this price. What is a tree dying on a tree?

Dell XPS13R-5608 configuration information

Description of configuration information of merchant stores

What about the low -cost second -hand?We clearly see that Dell XPS13R-5608 is equipped with the third-generation Core i5-3337U processor and 256GB solid-state hard disk, but the configuration information of this second-hand shop is completely different, and it has upgraded to the Four Generations of Core Four Generations.Double hard disks, and in the “official standard” instructions, there is no memory and hard disk. Obviously, there are no silver three hundred and two. This is unknown that this machine has been moved by me. You need to be cautious when you buy it!Can you buy such a product?

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