The woman used the “black -faced doll” laser skin skin to smoke the eyes, and she was careful to attract the new culprit.

Nowadays, laser beauty is becoming more and more favored by young ladies who love beauty. Recently, a young lady used the “black -faced doll” beauty laser instrument at home, and the laser beam accidentally illuminated into the eyes. For a black hay, I felt that I couldn’t see five fingers, and hurriedly went to the local hospital for treatment. The local hospital was diagnosed with “left -eye vitreous bleeding”, but the local hospital was unable to treat it.

The patient’s left eye was dark and very anxious. After 1 week of tossing, I finally found Professor Rong Yan, Director of the Ophthalmology Department of Tongji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Tongji University. After detailed inquiring on the medical history and ophthalmology examination, Professor Rongzan explained: “This is the protective eye mask when using the laser. Eye causes the retinal blood vessel rupture and causes the volume of glass. A large number of dark shadows in front of the patient’s eyes are the accumulation of blood in this vitreous cavity. This situation needs to be hospitalized immediately for emergency surgery. “


Ms. Fu was very grateful to accept Professor Rong’s treatment opinions. Professor Rong Rong and his team analyzed the patient cases in detail and formulated a reasonable surgical method to determine the patient’s “left -eye vitreous cutting” to remove blood in the vitreous cavity and observe the bottom of the eye. During the operation, the patient’s blood accumulation was very strong, and under the thick blood accumulation, “the left eye retinal crack hole and the retinal limitations were detached” hidden. Retina crack holes and reset retiser. Ms. Fu was very happy during the resuming one week after surgery. Not only did the structure of the retina of the left eye recover well, it turned out that there was color in front of a dark eyes.

There are all kinds of beauty laser instruments on the market. The black -faced doll used by Ms. Fu, also known as “black charcoal dolls” and “soft skin laser”, is a facial whitening and skinny instrument. Realize the effect of removing wrinkles, decomposing pigments, shrinking pores, and smoothing skin, and is loved by beauty lovers. However, this type of beauty instrument laser can output up to 1200mj energy. The energy of the eye retinal laser commonly used in ophthalmology is 140-180mJ, which is nearly 10 times!

Some studies have found that compared laser energy and sunlight energy, laser is 80 times higher than the rash of the rash on the retina, and the greater the laser power density, the greater the damage. Laser focuses on the retina, which causes the temperature of the sensitivity to rise, the cell degeneration necrosis lost the light sensing effect. High -energy laser can cause huge irreversible damage to the retina. Ms. Fu was burned by such high -power lasers to the large blood vessels of the retina caused a lot of bleeding. The condition was critical. If she could not be treated in time, Ms. Fu’s eyes could fall into darkness. If such laser wounds macular areas, it is likely to cause permanent blindness.

There are a variety of laser on the market, hidden around everyone, such as laser pens, laser wabies, and various laser beauty instruments, which may cause vision damage in virtual. Professor Rongzheng called for laser to use cautiously, use it under the guidance of professionals, and pay attention to eye protection. You must wear protective eye masks before operation. If you accidentally enter your eyes, you should go to the doctor immediately. The greater the laser power, the greater the damage; the longer the damage time, the worse the prognosis. Don’t hurt the heart of the mind because of love! “Laser” is a double -edged sword, while benefiting the people, do not let it become a new “culprit” for damage to vision!

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