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January is the winter season, and it is also the first month of the New Year in the Gregorian calendar. It should be noted that the boy’s zodiac is or a cow. Therefore, when you are named, you can also name it in combination with the characteristics of the zodiac. Let’s take a look together, how to name the boy born in January 2022, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Born in January 2022, the boy named boy named a good name for the boy born in January 2022. Everyone needs a little simple naming skills, related boys’ birth time and traditional reference reference. Born boy name, let’s take a look together


Poetry: “Song Yue descended to the bells of the bell, and was pregnant in the world.” —— “The Song Ci Man Jiang Hong (Shou Taishou · April 30)”

Comments: “Yue Zhen” was selected from Song Ci, which means that the spirit of the spirit of the mountains in Songshan condensed the mountain, and it was born into the real hero of the world. “Yue Zhen” can be understood as the hero of Songshan in the word. As the name of the baby, it is suitable for boys. It means that the baby is upright, brave, responsible, capable, and has a very beautiful inner morality.


Poetry: “Three Yuanshan, Siji Jun Ben.” – “The Song of the Tang Dynasty Poetry Temple Songs · Xiangtong Temple Movement · Civilized Dance”

Comments: “Yuan Jun” is selected from the sentence, suitable for the name of the boy. The word “Yuan” refers to the head and first, which symbolizes the source, fundamental, and use it as a name, which means that children are talented and adhered to their original intentions; Therefore, the name “Yuan Jun” means that children are pursuing excellence and excellence.

Be happy

Poetry: “Drinks and happy, happy first.” – “Chu Ci Zhao Soul”

Comments: “Le Xian” is selected from the sentence, suitable for the name of the boy. “Lexian” can be understood as an attempt to make innovation changes. The name “Lexian” also gives children a spirit of pursuing progress, implying hard work and progress.


Flying feathers

Poetry: “Yan Yan Yu Fei, poor pool of feathers.” – “The Book of Songs Yan Yan”

Comments: “Feiyu” is selected from the sentence. The combination of sentences can be understood as a bird like a bird, and it is free to fly and be free. As a name, it gives children a spirit of hard work. “Feiyu” is suitable for naming as a boy, implying Ling Yun, with natural nobleness and arrogance. He has high standards and strict requirements for himself and wants to achieve a career.


Poetry: “Juejing Xixi Temple, Lianyan is close to Guo Shan.” – “The Tang Poetry of the Tang Dynasty Poetry of the Royal Pornographic Stone Cao Cao Cao Dongfeng Poetry Poetry”

Comments: “Jing Yan” is selected from the sentence, which can be understood that it will not mistake the current beauty because of future concerns, and can extend his current happiness. “Jing Yan” is suitable for the name of a boy, describing children to handle their lives efficiently, and live transparent and understand. The named “Jing Yan” also has the meaning of the future and the grandeur.



Poems: “Shen Bo’s virtue, soft and straightforward.” – “The Book of Songs Song Gao”

Comments: “Hui” originally refers to benevolence love, extended to intelligence, peace, and softness. “Morality” is the original meaning of ascending and promotion, extended to morality, morality, and beauty. “Whde” is suitable for children’s names, which has noble morality and goodness. It means that children are as smooth and smooth as good wind and smoothness.



Poems: “Survational and entertaining, Xiangjiangzhou and An Song.” – “Chu Ci Nine Sigh”

Comments: “Island” is the meaning of Fangzhou in the text. Imagine such a picture: You stand on the small container, look at the scenery in front of you, bask in the sun, and be pleasant. The word “An” here has the connotation of peace of mind. The meaning of the child is happy and comfortable, and the poetic is beautiful.


Poetry: “Hong Fei follows the land, the public returns, and the women’s benefits will stay.” – “The Book of Songs Nine”

Comments: “Hong Lu” is selected from the Book of Songs. This sentence means that the geese flew along the highlands of the river bank, expressing people’s aspirations. The name of the two words as a boy means that the boy’s ambition, standing upright, with great ambitions, can strengthen his ideals and put it into action.



Poetry: “Shengliangshan River is solid, and the chapter is sunny.”

Comments: “宸 点” is selected from the sentence, showing the prosperous scene of Guotai Min’an. “Zhao Zhao” is suitable for the name of the boy, with a bright and integrity temperament. The word “” is a metaphor for the shade of the shade, and is used as a meaningful identity, the atmosphere of the life, and is respected by others.


Poetry: “Song Gao Wei Yue, Jun Ji Yu Tian.” – “The Book of Songs Song Gao”

Comments: This poem in “Song Gao” is to come to Shen Bo’s virtue by praising Siyue’s towering towering clouds. “Junyue” is a very high peak in the poem, extending the meaning of tall, upright, and magnificent. It is a boys with a solid connotation. Men who Jingtianwei.


Poetry Source: “The heart of the other people, what is the heart.” – “The Book of Songs and Liu”

Comments: First of all, the emotion of this poem is dissatisfied with the monarch, and it is a very powerful poem. The “Zhen” here is the limit of power. He means perfect, successful, and achieved. With the word “heart”, expressing the deep connotation of the ultimate pursuit. “Heart Zhen” is the peak meaning. When the heart reaches a vertex, it is love, which means that the male and the baby is all out of love. Extended the mindlessness and focus on one.

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