The wild elephant is less than 10 kilometers from the edge of Kunming! Expert interpretation why can’t anesthes anesthesia back

The wild elephant “tour group” is less than 10 kilometers from the edge of Kunming! Expert interpretation why can’t anesthes anesthesia back

Xinmin Evening News Yuxi Today (Special Reporter Jiang Yan) Yesterday was the “June 1” International Children’s Day yesterday. 15 Asian elephants who moved north to the north continued to stay in Luohe Township, Hongta District, Yuxi City. Under the Caipi Mountain on the banks of the Qingshui River, far away from the city. The villagers in the mountains have already received the warning, staying at home to avoid risks, and overlooking the elephant group every few hundred meters.

Losses caused by elephants government compensation

Tang Wende, the villager of Qingshui Village, said on the phone that at one or two in the afternoon of yesterday, everyone heard that the elephant came and ran to the second floor of each house to look at the appearance. “Xiaoying seems to be as big as a cow.” Tang Wende said, “Elephant walked through the field. At first, it looked very leisurely. Later, he ran away and ran quite quickly.” He introduced, Qingshuihe Village There are more than 100 people, and the fields are planted in corn, vegetables and flowers. Although they did not buy wildlife liability insurance, the government has promised compensation for the loss caused by the elephant.

In addition to patronizing the field, the elephant also went to the old house area that had been abandoned in the village. From the photos he provided, the 15 elephants were divided into several small groups, all of which were two or three small elephants beside the elephant. Standing on the ground on the ground, his head facing the grass and shrubs next to it, I don’t know what to look for. The villagers or protectors were separated by the column, watching quietly without disturbing. A piece of video he provided showed that 15 elephants were rowed into a row and slowly walked from the woods of the mountainside. The red fire trucks under the mountain and a number of green residue cars were standing, and the staff looked up at the scene.

Tang Wende said that the elephants will live in the village tonight. If they live, the villagers will move to the third floor on the third floor.

Less than 10 kilometers from the edge of Kunming

Do the elephants still have to go north all the way? On the monitoring screen of the Lincao Bureau of Yunnan Province, you can clearly see the trajectory monitored by the UAV real -time monitoring. The 15 elephants were seduced from the banana, corn, and pineapple that were fed by people from the south bank of Yuxi Greater Henan on the evening of May 31. They followed the food car to enter the mountain and started to stay away from the urban area. The method of feeding is effective.

At about 7 o’clock last night, the elephant was 6 kilometers away from Yingying Street, Yuxi City, 11 kilometers from Yuxi City, and less than 7 kilometers from the edge of the “frontier” in Kunming, nearly 30 kilometers from Jinning City. To the north is the Chenggong New District of Kunming City. It is only 80 kilometers away from the old town of Kunming.

Yesterday, in front of the Luohe Township Government, the reporter saw two staff members of the Kunming Lincao Bureau. They were ordered to learn about the prevention and control experience of Yuxi City. Ning District has also done a good job of defense. It is necessary to prevent death and prevent elephants from entering the urban area.

In order to chase 15 elephants, about 270 20 tons of slag cars such as Dongjun, Yongxin, and Zhiyuan have temporarily mobilized Dongjun, Yongxin, and Zhiyuan, and they were surrounded by life in different sections. Zeng Decong of Dongjun Company said that they had been squatting for 3 days, eating and living in the car, and the company would send a box lunch. At around 9 o’clock last night, the team received an order to open the fork to the village leading to Qingshuihe Village, and dial about 10 slag cars to drive in to perform the protection of protective interception.

However, there was also a “strange” phenomenon at the scene. Yesterday, at the Yaxi River fork in Yuxi, Luohe Township, Yuxi, Yuxi, Yunnan, a number of online anchors lived live at the Elephant Group. In a feeding area, an anchor picked up pineapple that was not eaten by the elephant, and picked up the pulp with his feet to eat it for netizens. The anchor claims to have followed the elephant group for four days. Subsequently, some staff members persuaded the anchor to remind them to pay attention to safety, and do not go to the control area without permission.


The other road also came to “rolling”.

Yesterday, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (hereinafter referred to as the “Picna Botanical Garden”) revealed that an elephant group with 17 wild Asian elephants entered the Penta Botanical Garden in the early morning of May 24th. This group of wild elephants went south from the Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve’s Sumiko Reserve. In February this year, it passed the southern border of the Nana Botanical Garden in February this year. At that time, it was the first time since the establishment of the garden in 1959. According to the monitoring of the Asian elephant warning team in the version of the Pantra Botanical Garden, due to the rise in the Rouhua River, the elephant group has repeatedly tried to cross the Roundau River. At present, this group of wild elephants are approaching the crop protection and breeding bases in the east of the park. Crops such as land, rice, oats, and oily sunflowers in the base are in danger. The construction of the Wild Elephant Protection Network and other facilities in the Elon Botanical Park.

In order to grasp the trace of elephant, the Picna Botanical Garden installed infrared cameras on the possible activity route of the wild elephant, and uses drones and infrared thermal portraits for 24 hours to find wild elephant group traces. Strict control of personnel and vehicles. Under the guidance of large -scale mammalian researchers, communicate and coordinate with local governments, forestry departments, and nature reserves. While doing a good job of safety protection, try to reduce the interference of wild elephants, and strive to protect rare endangered plants from being affected by wild elephants. While feeding and destruction, the elephant group returns to its migration route.

The Xishuangbanna Herbus Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located in Menglun Town, Mengla County, Yunnan Province. It covers an area of ​​about 1125 hectares. It collects more than 13,000 plants. There are 38 plant special areas. The largest area, the most abundant species, and the most plant -based botanical parks are also botanical gardens with the largest number of plant groups in the world and the largest number of plant groups to show the public. (According to the Beijing News)

Wild Elephant Group Migration Roadmap

In March 2020, 16 wild Asian elephants who originally lived in Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve set off from Xishuangbanna

In July 2020, Pu’er City first monitored 16 wild Asian elephants and killed 1 person in Dakaihe Village, Nanping Town, Simao District.

On August 20, 2020, the wild elephant group arrived at Dazhai Village, Yi Xiang Town, Simao District

In December 2020, Xiangqun visited Mojiang County, Pu’er City for the first time, and gave birth to an elephant baby, and the total number increased to 17.

On April 16, 2021, the 17th -headed elephant went north to enter Yuanjiang County, Yuxi City for food

On the evening of April 24, two of them returned to Mojiang County, Pu’er City

In the early morning of May 16th, the remaining 15 wild elephants entered Baoxiu Town, Shiping County, Honghe Prefecture. The elephant group became adult female, male elephant, Yacheng, small elephant, and 3 heads of less than half a year old.

At 20 o’clock on May 24th, 14 wild elephants came to Eshan County, Yuxi City to act in Daweichong Village. One of the young elephants had eaten 200 pounds of wine on the same day, and “drunk” fell in Xiaoweizhong Village Xiaozhai Village. Group, because I slept with my head away from the elephant group

On May 25, the small elephant was caught up with the elephant group. After that, I stayed in Eshan County until May 28

On May 29, Xiangqun entered the forest land on the north side of Eshan County, and the observation difficulty increased, and continuous use of drones in real -time tracking

On the evening of May 30, 15 Asian elephant groups migrated to Jianshan Qianpo, Daishan Po Po, Luohe Township, Luohe Township, Hongta District, Yuxi City

On May 31, the wild elephant arrived near Yuxi Dahe, Yuxi Hongta District, and the junction of Luohe Township and Qiying Street Street

On June 1st, after feeding food, I entered Caipi Mountain on the banks of Qingshui River, Hongta Township, Yuxi, Yuxi, Yunnan, and was far from Kunming.

Elephant group north move is unrealistic

Yesterday, Cao Da Fan, the head of the International Animal Foundation (IFAW) Yunnan Asian Elephant Project, published an article on the official WeChat public account of the International Animal Foundation.

1. Why is this group of “north move”?

Since the study of the Asian elephant in the country, such a long -distance diffusion has not been recorded. At least my cognition and the Internet have no related articles, and this thing can basically be used as a special case. There are many reasons for their migration, which can include but are not limited to habitat environment, droughts and changes in food. In fact, a scientific and targeted conclusion cannot be obtained in a short time. Some experts have also discussed whether to get lost, or it is a random choice in itself, which makes sense to my opinion. Indeed, the experts can only speculate and conclude based on the information that can be obtained at present, and it can only be speculated. This shows that we should expand and strengthen all -round and multi -angle practical research such as Asian phenomena, habitat utilization, and suitable habitat, and provide more basis and reference for the protection of Asian elephants in the future.

2. How can we let this group of elephants return to Pu’er or Xishuangbanna?

If people can be used as a way to seduce, and “bring back” the elephant group as much as possible, it will be the best situation at present, but it is difficult. This is like you are difficult to fully control a 3-5-year-old child’s behavior when he desires food or toys. Besides, these “children” not only run faster than you, but also strong that you cannot control it at all.

Can I send it back to the original habitat after anesthesia? The anesthesia elephant group is not as simple as we watch in television and movies, and the middle is extremely difficult. Last month, our colleagues in Zimbabwe just helped 6 African elephants moved home and took anesthesia during transportation. These 6 were orphan raised by humans. They were 3-5 years old and were underage. Nevertheless, this operation has been prepared for several months. After several process planning and several drills, the veterinary team and transportation equipment at the scene can not be prepared in the short term. And our “broken nose family” is 15 wild elephants, including 3 and mothers who are inseparable from young elephants. It is difficult to find the opportunity to disperse the elephant group to use anesthesia gun, and so many elephant work in one transfer transportation and transportation. The amount is difficult to estimate. And I care about what impacts will it have to have the physiology and psychological psychology of the entire elephant group through anesthesia? And the changes brought about by this influence will cause the consequences of the residents living in the local area …

3. Is this group of elephants northward due to the improvement of the environment?

I have also seen many text descriptions, and some of them described the elephant “north” into “environmental improvement” and so on. It is certain that in the past two decades, the Yunnan government and forestry protection departments have greatly invested great investment in environmental protection and biodiversity protection in Yunnan Province. These have nothing to do with the behavior of the elephant group north.

4. Is Asianship as cute and docile as promotion? How should we get along with the image?

Elephant is not as described by some media and the Internet now, and is a cute and docile animal for humans. On the contrary, for people, Asian elephants are a dangerous species. Asian elephants and humans are very similar in many aspects: they are living in family as the unit, love family life, and full of concern for family members … but these are these It cannot be an excuse for us to approach infinitely, or to watch the Asian elephant. Instead, we should be the reason why we stay away from the elephant group, do not disturb, and not scare.

For any kind of wildlife, the protection of self -safety protection and the protection of cubs will make the protection or resistance beyond our cognition. If this is considered, it is not difficult to understand why in the Asian elephant event area Various types of warning and safety guards and warning slogans will appear.

I hope to have a reminder to everyone who is “onlookers”: Although the elephant is cute, please remember that they are still full of wildness and danger, maintain sufficient distance, and maintain sufficient respect. This world is ours and they are!

5. What did the relevant agency do in the north of the elephant?

Why has there been an incident that has not happened so far? This really wants to thank many staff who have not been giving in the news screen: 24 hours of tracking monitoring, timely release early warning information, enter the village to enter the village and enter the household security tips … I have participated in some similar work earlier in the early years, understanding the hardships, and their efforts are worthy of respect!

Source: Xinmin Evening News

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