A big newspaper: Boom men’s Korean small feet, straight tube, pencil pants

Around 2000, Korean dramas and Korean stars entered the mainland a lot, bringing a Korean flow. Korean clothing and cosmetics sales increased year by year. , Showing the female slim figure and feminine, I can’t help but sigh: How many young people will destroy the mother’s artillery culture these years. In terms of clothing, I will make a roar: Boom in Korean men’s small feet, straight tube, pencil pants!


The fake brand men’s pants show that men’s hips are “plump”


Can such a pencil pants be on the battlefield?

Affected by the Korean Wave, most of the protagonists of the current youth idol drama are “small fresh meat”, which must have eyebrows, hair dyeing, rubbing lipstick, red -legged, long -legged and small pencil pants, how can there be a little masculinity. It is said that the “mother cannon” culture was originally the “samurai” culture used to transform Japan after World War II and to abrupt the blood of men. It is also the same as South Korea, which is more conducive to regulating Japan and South Korea. A person’s dressing can show his inner thoughts. It should be a woman’s dress style, but let the guy as the same as their own wearable standards spread. It even affects their world view and outlook on life. I respect their respective aesthetic standards, but at present China has not been unified, and the US emperor’s heart is not dead. How can we lose my masculinity? I shouted: guys, throw away your little pencil pants, regain the masculinity of the man gas!

Basic practice of the basic work capacity


Bloody man

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