Gong Li’s dress is really “bold”, black lace tops directly reveal the inside, foreign and advanced

There are probably some fairies who think that they can’t control pure black tops, and they will feel that it is too dull and restrained, so it will be more tedious, but if it is added

Lace element,

With a French romantic atmosphere, it will easily get rid of monotonous, such as Gong Li’s black

Lace top, light and breathable,


Vague skin reveals, sexy and full, unique belt with a skirt,


Li Xian revealed the holdings in the romance, and Gong Li stood out, and the charm of publicity suppressed the audience, bringing different femininity.

【Lace Elements】


Retro and elegant

, The delicate and exquisite and romantic intertwined in the pattern are intertwined in the aesthetics,

Sexy Zhang Yang is also stubborn and dignified

And with the combination of perspective and lace, that is, a must -have in the match, faint skin is exposed, the style is full of style, charming and beautiful, which will make the fairies have a boldness and deep effect. Matching the momentum of the fairies showed to the fullest, showing a different style,

Unrestrained and free, agile and elegant

, It’s really another person at first sight, goodbye to you! The characteristics of the half -body perspective of lace look very sexy and exquisite. Gong Li’s dress directly reveals his own inside, but it is not frivolous at all, and it looks even more advanced.

【Black Box Skin】

The black half -body skirt is not publicized, more monotonous and restrained, with high heels, referred to as a perfect match, because the skirt is not like a long skirt, it is relatively simple and casual. Over


Bright and concise

The taste of the long skirt will make the whole person spiritual,

Confident sunlight

The purpose of the half -body skirt is to reveal

Slender legs


, Black makes the legs more white and tender,

High -heeled shoes add icing on the cake

, Make the eyes of others unconsciously attracted the past, and the temperament of the whole body improved. Gong Li was really “bold”, and the black lace jacket directly revealed the inside, and her style was high.

I like the black system, but if you feel dull, you can use it


Lace and perspective elements

Let’s look like the whole person

Light and sexy


At one point, it will also have a variety of style, and like Gong Li is black, the element can have more tricks, and the style can be unique, so that it will not be boring, but it is more charming and rich in style.

More about Gong Li’s sexy dress, waiting for you to discover!

*Delo meat carefully:

A black slim skirt, in the collar office

Lack of two pieces of cloth

, Show your flesh, such a thoughtful dressing to unknowingly adds the charm of clothes, giving people a very unexpected visual experience.


Add a V -neck design for dressing and matching, which can make us look attractive, but if you have some fat, then you should not try this kind of clothes to avoid the protruding flesh. Essence


*Black and white design:

Match color matching in our daily life, black and white are the most

Classic color wear


Can give people a kind of

Low -key

It feels like this dress is very temperament. Whether it is a white top with black pants, or a black top with a white skirt, it can bring us a good visual experience.



Women who are in the workplace usually choose such simple colors as a daily wear choice, which can highlight our aura and leave people


The visual impression can get a certain bonus effect in dressing, and the black and white color matching is also very versatile!

At the same time, black and white color matching can not only be reflected on the wear of clothes, but also allows us to show some accessories that can display details.

For example: the matching of the belt

The belt can outline our waist lines very much, especially suitable for girls with slender waist, with a belt on the waist, let our wear look up

More advanced

, Wear the whole body white dress, with a black belt,



Waist curve

It can show femininity very much. At the same time, black and white matching will make us look simpler!


Gong Li’s temperament is very elegant. Although her figure is not so outstanding, she also belongs to middle -aged women who dress with products. You can learn and learn from some of Gong Li’s fashionable matching on weekdays.


Enhance your charm,

I believe that I can find the style of my own, you who love to wear, let us become more fashionable together.

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Lace element,

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