Those desk lamps that make you fall in love with reading you can buy a good design

For me, a complete desktop is absolutely missing a table lamp that makes me comfortable. Whenever the lamp is turned on at night, the light is filled with their own huts, and the whole room feels like home, which makes people feel warm and quiet. In order to chase fame and fortune, our body has exhausted its strength during the day, and we exist in the middle of the night to pursue tranquility. We can only go alone alone at this time. But as long as the light lights are accompanied, you can enjoy it, which may be the meaning of the existence of table lamps. Today I recommend 10 good table lamps in my eyes. Unlike general recommendations, these products can be purchased in life.

GeekCook soloist bamboo table lamp

If you are a lover of a wooden product, this table lamp is definitely in line with your appetite. The main part of the solo table lamp is 100%bamboo manufacturing, natural environmental protection, and free joints of lampshades, which can easily adjust the angle. There is a groove below, which can be used as the base of the mobile phone. If your mobile phone speaker is at the bottom, the base of this table lamp is also a natural speaker. The voltage of 110V-240V can be used. The color temperature of the light source is 3000K. This brand’s table lamps are very design, and the price is not expensive.

Brand: GeekCook/Geutan Library


Product: solo

Price: 198 yuan


Weis aurora log lamp


This aurora log lamp is divided into two versions: high and low -seat. The table lamp on the base can not only be placed, but also stand upside down. The lampshade is divided into white and tea. The material is colored high -temperature glass, and the lamp seat is first -class beyl wood. In addition to the difference, the biggest difference of this table lamp is the Edison Bullet used, with a strong retro feeling. The power of the bulb is 31W (including) -40W (inclusive), and it can also automatically adjust the brightness. For reading, this brightness is also sufficient, and the only disadvantage may be more electricity. This product can be bought at Taihuo Taobao shop.

Brand: Weis/Wei Poetry

Product: Aurora

Price: 218 yuan


Qi Jijing Find Reading Lantern

Somehow, when I saw this table lamp picture, my heart suddenly calmed down. Rather than saying that this is a table lamp, it is even a craft. This table lamp is used as the main material: beyl wood and ebony, which closes the closeness of users and table lamps. The simplicity and the function of table lamps have reached proper fusion. The elegant and dignified form is matched with a handmade pottery flower with plant, creating a quiet, appropriate and solemn working atmosphere for the desktop. The table lamp can be bent freely and adjust to the appropriate angle. The power is 5W.

Brand: Qi Ji

Product: Jing Xun

Price: 238-499 yuan

NUANS TILE charging platform light

This reading desk lamp is a design brand from Japan. The overall material is metal, with two effects: cold and warm light. Not only is it equipped with the iPhone’s charging socket and USB charging port, but also a small desktop Bluetooth speaker. With the exclusive app, you can display the calendar and time more intuitive. You can set the alarm to wake you up melodious music. The adjustment angle of the top lampshade is 30 degrees to expand the range of light. At the bottom of the Apple Lighting charging port, it can be rotated 180 ° when it is not practical. The maximum current of the USB charging port supports 2.1A, and the Lighting interface supports a maximum of 2.4A. However, the price of 958 yuan is still a bit high for a table lamp.


Brand: NUANS


Product: Tile

Price: 958 yuan

Jellyfish Dream Magnetic Suspend Light

If you are tired of the traditional traditional table lamps, this magnetic suspended light will definitely be your dish. The base of this lamp is made of wooden materials. The bulb is a special plastic light bulb with earthquake resistance and fall, and it will not break even if it falls from the table. Putting on a cup of coffee, opening a book, and watching the rotating soft light sent by it, it is also a kind of alternative enjoyment. This lamp is more suitable for open space, and the price is not high. At present, this table lamp is being crowdfunded in Jingdong, only 279 yuan.

Brand: Watermother

Product: suspended light

Price: 279 yuan



This product named Ruigaid is a multi -function table lamp launched by IKEA. The base of this table lamp supports wireless charging functions, which can allow smartphones and devices to support QI certification to achieve wireless charging. In addition, buy Vitahult wireless charging housing. In addition to wireless charging functions, the side of Rigid’s desk lamp also provides a USB interface with a maximum current support of 2A, which can meet the charging needs of mobile phones and tablets. The built -in LED bulb is about 25,000 hours, and the energy consumption is 10W. The light color is 3000 open warm white, and the light strip light is 400 lumens, which is equal to the brightness of 35W incandescent lamp.


Brand: IKEA


Product: Ruisard


Price: 499 yuan

Philips Jingrui eye protection table lamp

Philips has a leading level in lighting technology. I believe many people have Philips lighting products. Philips Jingrui LED platform lights are the main eye protection, 5500K lighting color temperature can create not easy to cause fatigue. The sun temperature of 5500-6000K can be created. The light color of this range is more likely to make objects show “primary colors”. The base of Philips Jingrui Eye Landscape provides two USB ports for users to use, so that they can charge digital products. The five -stage touch panel can make the light brightness more suitable. The main body of Jingrui’s eyes is made of aluminum alloy, and the base looks a bit cheap because it is made of acrylic material.

Brand: Philips

Product: Jingrui


Price: 259 yuan




This unique table lamp is a multi -function table lamp. In addition to being used as a traditional table lamp, it can also be removed as a flashlight. With high brightness LED, optical -grade PC lenses make the light more uniform and natural, softer, and can be dimmed. This product supports USB power supply. There are two types of wired and wireless modes. The built -in 2000mA battery has a battery life of 6 hours at high brightness and 30 hours at low brightness, which is convenient for outdoor. At present, this table lamp is being crowdfunded in Suning for 199 yuan.


Brand: Lightower

Product: Run Eye Lighthouse

Price: 199 yuan


Design-pie banana leather LED eye protection lamp


If you prefer color, do not choose this banana leather platform light. This table lamp changed the appearance of the traditional table lamp. The product is small and small and easy to store. The innovative uses the leather wrap body, which improves the comfort of the overall use. Accidents; the fuselage uses a metal bending tube, which can freely adjust the height and angle to obtain a better use experience; no pole touch switch to adjust the brightness at will. The power is 5W, which can meet daily reading needs. This product can be bought at Taihuo Taobao shop.


Brand: Design-PIE

Product: banana peel

Price: 299 yuan


My table lamp


The table lamp comes from a shop in Taobao. The lampshade and base are iron spraying matte crafts. The main body of the lamp is rubber wood. The lights of the lamp can adjust the height and the direction of the lampshade, and the brightness is inseparable. Simple and practical, a must -have at home, not only taking pictures, but also taking products on the desk is also very suitable.


Brand: Miju


Product: Nordic desk lamp


Price: 169 yuan

Which one do you like these table lamps? What does the table lamp you now look like? What kind of product do you want to see in the next issue of “good design you can buy”? Welcome to discuss with me.

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