The fuel consumption increases after the maintenance of Honda, the oil is not more expensive, the better is only the right thing!

A car friend in the past day, the fuel consumption increased after his Honda Lingpa (1.8L + CVT), and it feels very awkward. After consultation, I learned that the fast repair shop suggested that the customer will change a better oil. The riders are also the people of the car, and they have no expensive truth, listening to the advice of the repair shop!

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After inquiry, I learned that the riders replaced were the level of the Castrol Macromagnet 5W40 viscosity, the problem was not in the oil, and in the viscosity.

Honda Lingpai 1.8L self-suction engine, manufacturers suggest that 0W or 5W 20 viscosity or 30 viscosity oil according to different geographical positions.

The vehicle is only 20,000 kilometers more than 20,000 kilometers. It belongs to the new car. If the professional can select the 20-30 viscosity oil according to the sports viscosity of the oil, it will save oil, and there will be a better lubrication effect.

Why is the Japanese and Korean car 20-30 viscosity:

1. Japan South Korea is self-sufficient, the engine camshaft structure is small gap engine, and the clearance requires a lower viscosity (main reason);

2. Japan South Korea’s local environment will pay more attention to the city driving, and the fuel-efficient effect, the engine adjustment is different (adjustment choice);

Engine oil

Hazard and performance characteristics of oil viscosity use:

1. The increase in fuel consumption, the increase in viscosity, and the motion resistance will also increase accordingly;

2. Poor lubrication, small gap engine, high viscosity, too thick, lubrication effect is not good;

3. The engine is dissolute because the lubrication is not in place, resulting in a cool heat dissipation;

4. Engine abnormality due to the above causes.


SRS Germany Serzberg Refinery, Mercedes-Benz Premium Oil


Processing opinions:

Customers are less driving, and in the summer, remind customers to replace oil oils that are more suitable for viscosity before winter to prevent abnormal wear caused by low temperature start.


Summary: Many customers or maintenance masters tend to recommend more expensive and better full-synthetic organs when choosing and recommending oil, often ignoring the important data of viscosity parameters, must recommend engine oil according to the characteristics of the vehicle, such as manufacturer suggestions The viscosity level, the working conditions used by customers, and the mileage of the vehicle.

It is unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately, it is a pity. I hope everyone is more understanding, choose right, not expensive!

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