Men’s winter clothing that can be determined within 200 yuan, mainly practical

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Share some practical clothing, welcome to vomit …

First of all, the clothes I want to recommend in this issue are mainly practical. Considering my poor aesthetic vision, basically it is fashionable, there are such insulation, but it is really closer to my daily wear. The clothes, especially the price … After all, I will be tangled for a long time before I start with a hundred objects, and often I do n’t buy it in the end, so everyone does n’t have to look forward to it.




1. Senma [Contains wool turtleneck sweater] Simple and warm high -neck men’s sweater men’s sweater sweater men


Today, Senma is no longer the original Samma, but I obviously prefer the current Senma, because it has a powerful price … If Samma’s figure lacks Morima in previous promotional activities, then this activity will feel incomplete. Samma may be late, but Samma is never absent!


The high -necked sweater is also one of the basic models of winter. The high -necked neck can resist the cold wind and pour the neck. The warmth effect will be better, and it is relatively easy to match. Essence

2. French Dream Tejiao [Pure Wool] Autumn new soft daily casual high -necked men’s long -sleeved men’s sweater

This is actually a bit unexpected. The Montejiao in my impression was still the luxury brand that made me unattainable when I was a kid. I remember that my first pair of leather shoes 10 years ago was Monte Jiao, or for the interview of civil servants. I went to buy it, so far in my chef, it was really expensive at the time, and now I can buy a 100%pure wool Monte Jiao sweater in less than 200 …


3. New Legend of the New Alphabet Embroidery Fashion hooded hip -hop men’s sports guard clothing couple sweater men’s sweater men’s sweater

In the past, this brand of clothes also made me feel a bit unattainable. I can accept the price this time. The hooded sweater can be regarded as the basic model of autumn and winter. Wear it alone. It is matched with sports pants or jeans, and it has a certain effect of modifying the figure.

4. Roman legend Fashion new classic solid color shake velvet lapel men’s jacket outer coat men’s jacket men’s jacket

Is it a must -have item for winter, right? At least it is the most popular items in my wardrobe. It is convenient and warm and good. I still like it. In terms of version, it is generally not much different. At least this price is not much different. This one can also be considered.


5. Senma Spring’s new positive and negative leisure jacket tide tide tide top men’s contrasting collar jacket men


Baseball jackets are also common styles of autumn and winter. I have always been very hearty, but helpless is that baseball jackets are actually more suitable for thin friends. Of course, one muscle should be good, and I belong to the fat type … Most of them will wear a baseball uniform. There is a feeling of bread clothes. I have never made up my mind to start. Go back to try on and see if I can do it. After all, I am thinner now … only 170 pounds

6. Senma autumn new fashion mid -length solid color jacket Men’s trend hooded hooded padded jacket warm cotton service men


This should be a cotton coat type, which is also a relatively versatile one. At the same time, because it is a long coat, it is not bad. You can wear a sense of layering inside, and it will not look very monotonous. Young or mature like me can control everything.

7. [Contains 45.7%wool] Senma 2019 spring new fashion wool coat male woolen coat man


45.7%of the wool content is relatively a bit college style. I personally feel that it is more suitable for young friends. Of course, from my shallow eyes, there must be a different style of wearing big guys. I just bought a Morima wool coat last year. I got it at 98. My colleagues still felt that I bought it in 980 … so I think the texture is still possible.

8. [52%cotton wool jacket] New Mao Woors Classic Men’s Middle Long Middle Long Men’s Men’s Coat

On the road to discount, the good brother Metusbon Wei, who ran to Senma, is also a typical example of the good price that is so good that people can’t help but chop their hands. I’m a little sorry for my own rush … not to mention 52%of the wool content, as well as brand bonuses, this price is really, what bicycle …


9. Senma Winter warm jacket worker style men’s down jacket men’s down jacket men’s down jacket men’s down


Now the short down down is still more. This down jacket has a volume of nearly 200g. Now it is not very common, especially at this price … Such a simple inside should be warm enough …


10. Romit legend 90 white duck down warm, comfortable solid color connecting mid -length men’s coat youth down jackets men’s down jacket

This down jacket is relatively thin and thinner, with a volume of more than 100 grams, and the shape is more handsome. At the same time, there are glue treatment at the seams, which is not easy to drill velvet. The overall version is very good, and the long wind and warmth effect are also good.

11. [Selling a thousand pieces daily, do not make up] Senma’s winter hooded worker jacket thickened jacket down jacket men

The amount of down coats in this dress style is higher, and the starting is more than 200G. The warmth effect is naturally better. It is also a more versatile type of work style. The price is equally powerful.


Two, lower installation


1. Camel [Special Sale] Winter Korean Straight Straight Casual Comfortable Pants Men’s Jeans

Even if the jeans are indispensable in winter, this jeans use elastic fabrics, three -dimensional cutting, straight appearance, and comfortable in terms of comfort. The color is also versatile. Essence

2. [After the clearance is sold out] French Dream Tejiao [Four -sided bomb] Type -style pants men’s casual pants and men’s pants

It is still a business casual pants from Montejiao. The fabric has a certain elasticity. It can be worn in formal occasions or daily wear. The three -dimensional cutting is more comfortable.

3. Camel with velvet thickened men’s casual pants new style comfortable and warm sports versatile small feet long pants men’s pants


Plel of warm pants may sound a bit low. In fact, it is still very comfortable to wear. The key is whether the weather in the north can be warm or warm. Go out of the waves in single pants …

4. Luo Mengxin Pin first added velvete business casual denim pants men’s small straight men’s jeans

Plel of jeans, and it is a business style. It is not particularly casual to wear. It is not too formal. Of course, the key is warm … relatively stylish and warm.


5. Bobe legend 90 velvet camouflage loose waist tight waist pants down pants men’s warm outside wearing men’s down cotton pants men’s down pants men

Yes, you read it right. I did recommend a legendary “cotton pants”. Although the down pants sound more low, it is easy to make people connect with words such as bloated, but it can’t hold it warm. In the case of lightweight, it provides a very good warmth effect. Not only is the down, but also the inner layer also has a fluffy to keep warm. Compared with heavy velvet pants or thick warmth -keeping autumn pants like leggings, down pants are still light light. It’s right.

6. Bobe legend 90 velvet tight waist tight waist worker pants warm outside wearing men’s down cotton pants men’s down pants men

The common point of this down pants as the previous one, except for the same brands and down pants, is that they are all pants! Why do you want to get your feet? You know it for a while outside. The cooling air comes in from the open ankle neck, and takes away the heat on your legs (so don’t show your ankle in the winter in the winter, Aren’t you cold …), there is no such problem with pants, so nice to yourself …


In fact, except for these brands I mentioned, Morima, Metus Bonway, Luo Meng, Camel, etc., A21, Hailan House, Zhenvis can also see it for me. The price is almost the same. Mengtejiao and CK are originally a bit unattainable. Now they have even entered the same gear. Instead, it is still possible to look at the original.


Third, shoes


1. Jordan trendy street high -top wear -resistant anti -slip men’s sports shoes men’s basketball shoes

To be honest, the basketball shoes at this price should not be on any black technology. Basically, they are fabrics or PU fabrics and EVA soles. At most, add rubber, what airbags, bows, gels, gels, These shock absorption technology should not be arranged, so it is mainly to choose a appearance you like. After all, basketball shoes look warmer, and there is an effect of increasing an increase.

2. Anta men’s high -top basketball shoes simple lightweight sports wear resistance, anti -slip and shocking basketball competition shoes

It is also fabric fabric, EVA and rubber soles, look at your preferences.


3. Jordan’s new men’s basketball shoes 2020 lightweight wear resistance trend sports shoes

This appearance is still very distinctive. There is a adjustable strap. Should it be regarded as the so -called functional style?

4. [Gordon same model] Men’s sports shoes 2020 new product wear -resistant and breathable men’s basketball shoes men’s shoes


This color matching is a bit good -looking. In fact, the 361 ° impressed me is the international line running shoes. This basketball shoe looks like a part of the technology. Presumably, the feet are not bad.


In addition to basketball shoes in winter, there are all kinds of boots, such as workers, Chelsea boots, Martin boots, etc. At this time, you can come out and slip out. Desert boots can also be considered. a little


5. Aokang Men’s Shoes 2020 winter new high -top high -top shoes Business formal shoes leather and velvet warming zipper men’s shoes


I remember that when I got married, I was wearing a pair of the same model. Akkang leather shoes have always been farming in the leather shoes field. The comfort is not bad. The shoe is also suitable for the foot type of the Chinese people. The warmth effect is okay.


6. [Waterproof] Men’s classic British retro high -top men’s boots, Senma men’s shoes, men’s shoes men’s shoes Martin boots men

One of the most popular styles, relatively speaking, it is also easier to hit shoes in winter. Whoever is ugly and who is embarrassed, I am handsome and never embarrassed. It is more versatile, it is easy to show long leg effects, dynamic warmth is also good, and waterproof is also available.


7. Makwarfer 2020 new British leather shoes men’s worker boots Martin boots men’s plus velvet men’s Martin boots men’s shoes in winter

This style is more oriented to work boots, but at this price of boots, you are really like playing without rotten work boots. You can only show that you are in a hurry to change your shoes … The main thing you want is this style …

8. [Warm thick velvet] New fashion Martin boots in winter men’s work boots men’s high -top snow boots men’s cotton shoes


If you feel that the one in front is not warm enough, this velvet worker boots should be considered? Nowadays, Mu Linsen and HOTWIND’s door are often seen in major shopping malls. You might as well try it out and decide whether to place an order.

9. Camel Outdoor 2020 Autumn New Men and Women Leisure Sports Low, wear -resistant anti -slip women’s hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are actually a kind of shoes that are very suitable for winter, but their functionality determines that their soles are generally harder, and the warmth effect is good, and there is a certain breathability. I personally wear hiking shoes in winter. Essence

In addition, I do n’t have lack of small white shoes, AJ, daddy shoes such as shoes, I do n’t recommend it. Anyway, I recommend you to be ugly, that is, it ’s time to take them out. If you don’t wear it, it will break …


Well, even if this real brick post is finished, it must be that everyone has countless grooves to vomit. Is it possible to spit? I have been used to this enthusiasm, despite the rush of me. But let’s say hello in advance. Young people want to talk about Wude, and personal attacks must be.

Oh, the last convention can find a wave of support, likes, collections, and rewards!


Fight with your mind and think with your mind.

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