Comparison ratio: Learning more comfortable: Robeez Baby Soft Slim Side Shoes $ 12.99

Robeez is the first child’s shoes brand, which is recommended by the US pediatrician, in line with the most stringent applicable guidelines specified by the UK and European toy safety standards, in line with the highest standards, in many Hollywood star with baby It can be seen in the street shooting. The official website link here.

This Robeez baby soft bottom, uses a smooth leather material, soft velvet sole and lining, so if your baby walks away, it will not be bound by natural growth. Traditional apex design, easy to wear shoes, upper and backs with lovely beard printing, cute and comfortable. Robeez baby tensile shoes is famous because of its soft sole, it is best to look at the foot, so that they can use the foot to feel the ground, learn to grasp the balance, but the ground will always have some obstacles The object may hurt the baby’s soft foot, this time you need shoes to protect.

比呀比: 学步更舒适:Robeez 宝宝软底学步鞋 $12.99

6pm current special offer

$ 12.99

比呀比: 学步更舒适:Robeez 宝宝软底学步鞋 $12.99

, Heavy weight, suggestions and 粑粑 粑粑 的 东 东, transfer

比呀比: 学步更舒适:Robeez 宝宝软底学步鞋 $12.99

About 120 yuan

(Not included). Current size is 0-6 Months, 6-12 MONTHS, 12-18 MONTHS, 18-24 MONTHS in stock. For the cleaning of the school shoes, it is necessary to do it, not bleached, warm water washing, it can be placed in the shape of a shoe body when it is usually not wearing. Specific purchase methods reference ratio than 6PM Haiyao tutorial. More Haitao Information, please move the Haiyao channel.

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