In the season of painting the body, these 4 body breasts are equipped and moisturized.

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Winter skin dry is normal, and it is also an annoying thing.

In addition to facial skin drying, the body is also the same, sometimes wearing clothes will find their legs, hand dry to dandruff, and even get it in the clothes, it will be annoying.



After the skin is dried, it is also easy to stack the horny.


, Slowly will be dark and rough, and there is also a long-haired hornification is a chicken skin. It is difficult to wait until summer.

So in order to avoid the embarrassment of the arms in summer.

Prevention in winter, the body milk is always harmful.

Today, Xiaoyong will share a few moisturizing and cheap body milk for sisters, relieve skin dry.


1, monster bathroom butter body body milk

How can the avocado enthusiasts get this body milk?

This body is rich in rich essence,

Give your body very good moisture, let the skin long active

,not bad

Repair skin barrier

For the skin, the sisters who are sensitive are also very friendly.

Body milk is on the texture of emulsion, gently pushing a few times and painted


The skin feeling is not thick, and the skin can significantly feel the moisturizing.


It still has a very

Fresh wooden floral


, Good and advanced, staying incense is quite a long time, the next day, you can smell the faint fragrance, like a body incense.

2, Lubriderm a alcohol body milk


This body is a lot of books, and the annual love is still bought.

In the summer, Xiaoyang is more favored by the blue, and the light moisturizer is very joined, but

This is like red a alcohol in winter.

The red version is a texture of cream, which will moist more than blue.

Add B5, cetyl alcohol essence, VE, A.

The hydration is dimensionally delicate skin, improve the rough skin.

Although this is more moist, the skin does not have greasy, which is the reason why Xiao Yan likes it.

The speed of absorption is very fast, and the skin is dry and moist.

After taking a shower, it is smeared that the skin is saturated, and there is no state of dry and tight.

This body is gentle, and the skin-sensitive sisters can also be used with peace of mind.

And several components of body milk can also

Very good to relieve the problem of chicken skin,

Skin is not full of rough pike, it is able to let you feel the skin of the skin.

3, Dove big gold bowl body milk

The big bowl of big bowl is flat.

The big gold bowl is on the basis of moisturizing the original white bowl.

Added 12-HSA with a dark skin,

This ingredient is generally added to facial skin care products, and it is also quite luxurious to use the body milk to improve the dryness of the skin, friction caused, so that the skin is more translucent.

Moisturizing is naturally not inferior, adding vegetable oil and seabuckthorn fruit oil, which can keep the skin to keep the water, so that the skin can better pick up the winter whipping.

As a representative of the price of large bowls, its texture and skin are also excellent, and the creamy texture, thin thickness, easy to push away is also very good absorption.

Just give the skin to the skin, let the dry skin look a lot of water

However, it will not be the kind of oil and light, don’t worry, it will stick to clothes.

In addition, its fragrance also brings the ultimate enjoyment,


Fantasy milk, light and gentle

It is like your own fragrance, I feel that the atmosphere of the body is very gentle.

300ml capacity is also very durable, cost-effective, is simply playing workers and student party’s winter small wales.

4, Sittaf big white can


This is also a braner of the bodies.


Great white pot has added a sweet lentry and sunflower oil,

Moisturizing can also tough the skin barrier to make the body skin better to dry the winter.

There are also their blessings of Moisture Lock locking technology,

Better let the water lock in the skin

Do not give water to the cold wind roll.

The texture of the big white can is heavy, but the soft is very good.

The skin is absorbed in the skin of the body, and there will be no stiffness.

And the body is gentle, and the sisters of the sensitive muscles are also very friendly. Plus 550G capacity, a family is not using it.

The body’s skin care is actually the same, and the sisters don’t pay attention to it because there is a pair in winter. Otherwise, the skin will also make a lot of dissatisfaction.


So the above is our content today. What is the price of a good and moisturizing, or you can share a message in the comment area.

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