Japan’s domestic cartoons after 90 hours

1 Transformers Transformers The first generation, whether making or plots are the most perfect generation.

2 Transformers – 2010 Transformers series is the downhill road from here, which is increasingly unlikely from Japan.

3 Transformers – The header warrior is still a good advice, and can also see the distortion of the old face.

4 Transformers – The Hobei Warrior is here, Japan Tianma is an imagination, killing transformers …

5 Transformers – the victory struggle, the huge body, the huge body, now recall, and some up to the shadow.

6 Transformers – Super Warriors Complete 3D CG effect, time setting makes people ambiguous, according to my research, after the end, they entered the time tunnel and returned to a generation of stories .

The 7 hundred chasers are quite plagiarized in transformers, but it feels not bad.

8 is absolutely invincible – the huge split robot hidden in the Lei Wang school, the same one another enemy battle, I really envy the Aren .. You can make a clear-eyed holiday class ^ _ ^

9 Sixth Hygiece … The protagonist is called, anytime, is that he fights against alien compatriots to attack the earth, it was originally a weapon robot who attacked the earth, and was used as a just messenger ….

10 God of War Giguang (100 Beast King) The robot of six wild beasts, against alien aggressors, 唉 … Earth is really difficult ..

11 Star Wars is …. Alien … machine fit ……. Poverty ………

12 蓝 蓝 高 问题 问题 儿, 张 蓝, Japanese, only in animation to find confidence!?

13 Machine Cats, I really envy the wilderness than …………………………..

14 Devil’s British Milean ワ ワ ル This is a cartoon that is poop, the animation! Who said that there is a difference? Watano is the best anti-state! “I am a small savior!” (I can’t see it! This is actually the prince of Guangjing Works! Too much difference with the cherry god!)

15 Devils, Fights, Righteousness, Gifts, Letters, and Zhi Traditional Virtue can also be equal! The Japanese imagination … I really can’t! … (If you let them shoot three characters, will there will be Armor Fighter Woolen cloth?)

16 Racing Speed ​​Speed ​​Cartoons … It is a feeling of stealing and reducing production.

17 four-wheel drive kid toy four-wheel drive, bloody teenager, “rush! Tianghuang superstar !!!”

18 Mongolian fighters can turn into a combat form of transportation, as well as the warriors of justice, why is there so many evil organizations in the world?!

19 cats monster Mickey, funny animal cartoon, there is no war, no enemy, it is completely the story between pets and owners !!

20 cats – Walter cat transform! … Walter often fantasy … If a cat is in the words …

21 extraordinary princess – Shi Rui “gives me strength! I am Shi Rui !!”

22 Zhilan Adora Princess’s Emperor (Adam). Ji Rui’s brother —— Hisman

23 Bresta Long Eagle’s eyes, wolf’s ears, leopard speed, bear’s power! Just give me, I am covered.

24 The last dinosaur – Denver does not say is Morton. Non-funded, I also want a dinosaur like Denver !!

25 super dinosaur meat dragon and vegetarian dragon’s modern battle, will not fight for food?

26 Special Forces “Look at us !!” Maybe from this cartoon, you can see the shadow of the United States! Maybe .. I really have a cobra. Tissil !!

27 Ala Lei Gencie Doctor and Machine Doll … I see the most idiot in this inside -, the volume of thousands of soldiers are right!

28 Seven Dragon Balls ….. The animation has no comics halfway! Maybe did not buy full copyright.

29 Barba dad in each of each of each of each, Baba, the federal Germany seems to have this animation.

30 Sea Elf Blue Submail Sea Edition … Ha ha ~~

31 Forest Emperor’s workshop, I don’t want to say anything ……..

32 Lion King Italy, plagiarism, no movie version 40% look !!! (Right, Italian version of Titanic cartoon you have seen?)

33 iron arm A Tongmu or handcuffs work, I don’t want to say anything ……..

32 Tao Tai Lang’s legend couldn’t see it! This is actually the work of the prince of Guangjing! Too much difference between the cherry blossom!

33 new western travel, holding a skateboard, holding a nunchaku, how to see it is Sun Wukong, there is a sand monk of the pig’s pig eight rings, and the Tang Xuanzhu, who is driving the car … Korean! I am service. !!!!

34 arresting the works of the Fujima Kang step ….. I feel mature …

35 Blue Spirit Hello ~~ The side of the sea in the sea … Where is it ??

36 Flower Fairy seems to be probably almost the earliest girl anime work?

37 Mimi Wave (Xing Nei Walking Earth) In order to find Dad, surpass around … Finally, I found no? I can’t think of it because I have been in the era.

38 smart rest, rest ~~~ take a break ~~~~~

39 rabbit, walking !! The world has such a wolf !!!! Rabbit! Walk out !!! After another failure, the old wolf said!

40 Shen Yong Xiaoban Mouse mice and mouse save the world? It seems that only the British can think of it …

41 Ninja Small Heroes Fried Flow Method ……………….

42 Ninja Chaosair Ninja Hou Hou is this ??? Will n’t??

43 Ninja Turtle “, Have a good show !!” I like Raffel, what about you?

44 Kung Fu Xiaozi, China Kung Fu, even Japan is worthy, ah, hahahaha !!

45 football kid exaggerated shoot, Japanese primary school students are so powerful!

46 Baseball British heroes, the work, always give me the feeling of the beauty of the high bridge ……

47 beautiful girl warrior’s stinky, handsome sister saves the planet!

48 Beidou God Boxing “You are dead!” No ……

49 big stupid dog …….. Is it difficult to imagine, is there a stupid dog like a cow?

50 disconnecting Conan becomes smaller, the mind is still the same, “the truth, only one!”

51 Detective Gatri seems to be the most stupid detective in the history of animation …..

52 Zoo is very small, the United States animation, the style is thick …. is really

53 Zorro is a very cartoon hero story of Japanese Romance, the girl’s part of Sape

54 Mummy Soldiers Resurrected Warrior ….. Recent animation works in recent years

55 night god dragon beauty and wild beast modern version …

56 Theft of the thief card is so resistant, but it is a policeman! Look at this animation really let me learn a lot of knowledge …

57 Sonic kid Sonic speed is stronger! It is because of this animation, I like this game! There are no works that I am disappointed.

58 Sapphire Mystery (the Sea of ​​the Sea) The work of the father of the new century fraudulent plan, I feel okay …

59 Saint Seiya About this, I don’t have anything to say, but I still like to watch comic book …..

60 steel gods feel that there is no Saint Seiya in the production.

61 当 当 完 是 小 小 玩 看 看 看 看 … … …

62 Round Table Samurai Modern football team returned to ancient, the right new Arthur’s story ….

63 Xiaofeng “Ah Hao ~ Out of Hai ~~~” The sea mother really has a lot of mouth.

64 big white whales don’t impress …….

65 Mok and sweet …………

66 12 Zodiac Guard …………

67 Iron Dry Train Man deformation new trunk warrior, Q version of the enemy, Q version of the style, the story of the Q version, give people a feeling of q.

68 three-eye prodigy a person has two character … one is a gentle, a powerful fierce!

69 fat beef Bes is a classic funny work.

70 Forest good kid I only remember Carnegie very greed …

71m mice and Don old duck cartoon veteran people.

72 cats and mice played ….. Didn’t end it. Bring us a lot of fun in fighting ….. Thank you, Tom and Jerry!

73 deformors Doctors, American comic heroes, other comrades?

74 Super Clark. Kent, I don’t know what is related to Krak, and the Karak. ^ 0 ^

75 Cosmic Knight – 荻博 威 Cape Seda ~ Baki! Transforming !! … Transformed Fighter Kaip

76 strong sailor, I have to eat spinach ……..

77 Pet Elf Japanese is really vicious, even your children …. Anyway, I didn’t see a few episodes … Sorry, Pikachu.

78 small alien owner is like a honey …. more lovely cartoon, girls must look very much.

79 three fire guns Alamy when did the transient surgery ?? I saw the original painting, because the cartoon plot, dragging it to die, but I still like the finale of the cartoon big reunion, book Kangs Tutans actually died in Dada Ni, because of the jealous …. I am dying – Mi Leidi !!!

80 small sweet sweet sweet ~~~~~~~~~~ (Stars)

81 karaoke small song king voice quality thief is poor, singing is very beautiful after turning, I really jealous he …..

82! Ben me, I suggest you and find Mimi who is Dad!

83 Motor Police – Engram! Spring wild! Let’s go !! Trike 2 branch!!!

84 Machine Police About this, I have a lot of words … first … (ink): “You have the right to keep silence …” “………”

85 sky war is another similar Saint-Fighter’s stuff ……..

86 小 熊 杰 米 米 “I am a small bear Jerryi love to sing a small launch of Kaimi …” How beautiful memories ~

87 Warsas is a spacecraft in the middle of the insurance, it seems to have a wonderful thing with the final fantasy.

88 small monsters are good stomach ~~~~~ With it, it is not too garbage ….

I am really surprised in 89 days. What is it useful?

90 time spaceship this week’s most exciting program, when can I stage it? Yao Ni sister?

91 Rhodes Island Wars If there is a cursed land, I am absolutely — will not go! ~

92 Space Fortress (Time and Space Picture) Love ~~ Do you still remember? I am really ……..

93 oz national episode According to the animation adapted by the fairy tale “Green Wonder”, I like it !! Whether it is made or the plot, you can be a boutique!

The 94-seabed two thousand miles according to the animation, Nimo captain, and the Notherz (the parrot screw translation), I want to dive ….. .. but I … is a duck …

95 80-day ring Earth is also the work of Verner’s work, but the characters are all replaced by animal performances … Fox and dog stories ?!? …..

96 Warfare knight three young male girls driving a spacecraft, the spacecraft can be deformed into a robot to fight! Laun! Fireball chariot !!!

97 small do not point but yi is the most favorite person inside, because he is teasing, huh, huh …

98 邋遢 王 历 记 According to the same name fairy tale, I now talk about this cartoon now, it is still amazing, it is a classic classic !!! ……. Chinese cartoon … classic …….

99 black cat sheriff’s hopes of the hope of domestic animation! Just think of him, I will ignite a fight!!!!!

100 Dinosaur Tricks, Some “Authoritative Magazine”, this is also called cartoons, we are also treated as it, huh, huh ~~ “Human cannon – level preparation! Human cannon – second level preparation !! Human Cannon – – Put !!! Kess ~ come to visit! “(To be continued)

101 Naruto / Naruto Slowly grows into the Ninja that can block one side from the end of the long-year-old caravan. From the simple heroic male protagonist, step by step and step by step. For your friendship, for love, in order to be recognized, for your own endure

102 Magic Knights / Tokyo Tower, three unacceptable girls suddenly fall in half empty under a strong light. The magician named Clev told the girl to say that only Saving Series became a magical knight, they can return to the original world …

103 cherry small meatball / 唉Little girl, what can we say?

104 Tennis Prince / Tennis’s coach is the back of the father Nan Xi Lang, who is headed by Director, and the party’s handcuffs, the deputy director’s Dashi Xiuyi Lang, with excellent spherical feelings, good at the special skills, the second, thorough Dry dialogging of data, one picked up the ball, the more the battle of the river, the jumble, and the hometown, the hook of the hooks, relying on the harmonious hooks … Longma’s eyes, although not trusted to love friends However, he made people ahead of the first grade student with its overwhelming strength …

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