Bat sleeve cardigan tutorial

Women’s cardigan cloak tall 160cm weight 130

Those who are first woven


From 184 pins, the foot woven 5 came back and forth, the top is the flat needle, weave it to the armpit from the foot of the foot to 8 inch long, why start the inclined clip flower,

(Note: The lamina is a one-time collection 2 needle, 6 lines receive one)

It has been received in such a sequence of 1.4-foot long injection, which is a back piece.

Front panel



From 92 knitting, weaving, weaving, weaving to the armpits, the slope, the position, take note, we collect the flower of the plug, the other, the other side does not need to take him directly Weaving, after receiving the sleeve 1.25, you started collecting the nest, leading the nest first, 2 lines, 2 lines, 2 lines, 2 lines, 2 lines 3 times, 2 lines 1 needle 3 times, the rest of the needle should be used, the left and right weave, this is the front film


From the bottom to the top, the cuffs from 80 knitted are double threaded needles, weave it to 1.7 inch, plus 1 needle, and then the top is 6 lines plus 2 needles, and the threaded needles have a total of 6 inch. Long, at this time, he will change to flat knit, and the needles on the left and right side are 2-line plus 2 pin and 10 times.

(Note: At this time, we have to add a lot of needles to each other on the left and right sides. Let’s take a lot of needles after the slice sleeve 1.4, we must calculate the number of this needle. If you have received a 24-pin left in the sleeve, even if you add how many needles added this location)

. However, the sleeves can only be woven as the prepassive cushion, and they should start collecting the nest.


(Note: The sleeves are the next to the clip of the flower.


After the sleeve is as long as the needle, the two sleeves are weaving, this is the sleeve.

Finally, the gatepost and collar:

The threaded threaded threaded threads alone, first woven the door of the left and right sides, and finally, they will pick up, and the length of the laperse look at the sisters! Want to weave more and more casual! Then, the final is the sewing of the whole clothes, which is the weaving process of the whole clothes.


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