Solid wood tea room: new Chinese tea table, create “Shutaoyuan”

There is too much life in life, and we can always find a tranquility

Pay attention to me, take you to a different life ~

I don’t know what is the reason, I will go to the peach blossoms every time I drink tea. I also quietly buried a seed in the home.


The front time just now renovates the walls and floors at home. After a break, the living room has become gentle, and I want a home version of the peach flower wish, it is time to achieve! Although you can’t move home from your vibrant mountain, you can have a green planting of the energetic. In the abroad of the world, tea is essential, and it is essential in the fragrant tea taste, no world. A mood.

In this case, then the peach flower hiding at home will not have a tea table. When you have a good thing, you can get a pot of tea, so that you can relax your body; you can slow down and appreciate the art of tea, at home Creating an elegant tea ceremony atmosphere, and the tea table is not only a special location of the tea, but also a good helper for decorative home. It can also be used as an ordinary table when drinking tea.


New Chinese design, restore ancient rhyme

Taking into account the coordination of space, I didn’t choose a combination of pure Chinese style tea table chairs, but bonded to the actual new Chinese design. This style is integrated into modern fashion elements in the traditional Chinese style, through various ways to traditional solid wood. The tea table is improved, making it more in line with the needs and habits of modern people living, while retaining simple, elegant and quiet characteristics, which is characterized by the characteristics of the Taiwan.


Imported pine, quality

I think few people will be willing to replace the tea table frequently. After all, many angles, the touch has gradually become a habit, the habits are difficult to change, this requires the tea table to have a strong and durable feature, this tea table Adopt imported A-class pine wood, with excellent bonding performance, dimensional stability, tea table created by such solid pine, natural thickness, and a variety of colors can be selected to meet different people’s aesthetic needs.



Because the table surface brushed a layer of environmentally friendly paint, but not only the touch is smooth, but also has a very considerable anti-water absorption ability, usually sprinkled on the desktop, just use the tea towel to make the desktop to restore dry, no Penetrate into wood to corrode the desktop to reduce its service life. The table legs and chairs are all full-real wood quality, and they have been assembled by traditional 榫 卯, sitting on top of stability, no shaking, strong sense of security, a small peach flower in a home is born like this ~

There is also a change in the mood here, and there is a variety of essence of superfine.


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