Do you really apply it? Silk repair mask, let your skin are elastic

According to statistics, the Chinese face can consume 2.8 billion masks within one year, enough to be filled with 80,000 football fields.


In China, the mask is a well-deserved king in beauty skin care products.


There is no skin problem, it is a mask that cannot be solved! If there is, then two ~


Then why can the mask are loved by so many people? In fact, most of the mask is mainly used for moisturizing. They are generally water, moisturizing agents, special substance extracts and preservatives, and the like. The reason is that it can give the skin in a short period of time to isolate the outside air, so that the water in the skin cannot volatilize. The temperature of the skin rises, the pores starts to expand, thereby promoting blood circulation and nutrient absorption.

And your mask is really chose to your mask every minute.

Scientific research shows that silk fibers contain 18 amino acids, which can effectively supplement skin tissue elastin and collagen, eliminate facial fine lines, and quickly improve the elasticity of the skin, resurrect cells, prevent melanin, increase white skin.


The silk repair mask is originally used in the medical community to deal with bionic dermis. It not only makes your skin more bright, but also fix your skin, replenish moisture, so that the skin is elastic.

More importantly, the silk repair mask can be extremely bonded, soothing, let your face enjoy the skin Spa ~


In order to solve the SOS dangerous muscle, the small dust of the stars is already being applied, the little friends who love beauty don’t hurry!

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