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1. Fiber coupler/Flatter Introduction

Coupler, also known as splitter, connector, adapter, and flanges, is an element that is used to realize the optical signal distribution path/combined road, or to extend the optical fiber link. It will be applied in telecommunications networks, cable TV networks, user circuit systems, and regional networks.


Fiber coupling can be divided into:

Standard coupling device (belongs to waveguide, double branches, unit 1 × 2, and the optical signal will be divided into two power)

Direct connection coupled (optical fiber connected to 2 same or different types of fiber interfaces to extend the optical fiber link)

Star -shaped/tree coupler

And the wavelength multi -tool (WDM, if the wavelength is high density, that is, the wavelength spacing is narrow, it belongs to DWDM)


The production method includes three types: FUSE, Micro Optics, and Wave Guide, and the majority of sintering methods account for the majority (about 90%).

The production method of sintering method is to stretch the two fibers together and stretch to make the nuclear core aggregate together to achieve optical coupling. The most important production equipment is the fiber fiber melting machine, which is also an important step. Although although The important steps can be founded by the machine, but after sintering, it is still necessary to work and packaged. Therefore, the labor cost accounts for about 10 to 15%. Furthermore is used. It must be overcome, but the technical difficulty is not as high as the DWDM module and optical active components. Therefore, most of the manufacturers who want to enter the fiber industry in the early stage will be cut in from the optocoupler, and the gross profit is 20-30%.


2. Classification of optical fiber coupling

According to the different classification of the coupling fiber:

SC optical fiber coupler

It is applied to the SC optical fiber interface. It looks very similar to the RJ-45 interface, but the SC interface looks flatter. It is obviously different from the tactile tactile. If it is a copper column, it is the SC fiber interface.

LC optical fiber coupler

It is used to connect to the LC optical fiber interface and connects the SFP module. It uses a well -operated modular jack (RJ) 闩 lock mechanism. (Commonly used by router)

FC optical fiber coupler

It is used in the FC optical fiber interface. The external enhancement method is a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is screw buckle. Generally use on the ODF side (the most used on the wiring frame)

ST optical fiber coupler

It is used in the ST optical fiber interface, which is often used for fiber fiber wiring racks. The shell is round, and the fastening method is screw buckle. (For the 10Base-F connection, the connector is usually ST type. It is often used for optical fiber wiring racks)



LC-LC dual work


FC-FC small D


3. The principle of optical fiber coupling device

The optical fiber coupling device is a device for disassembly (activity) between the fiber and the fiber. It is precisely connected with the two end faces of the fiber to maximize the optical energy capacity of the optical fiber output to the receiving fiber. And make it involved in the light link to minimize the impact on the system.

For waveguide fiber coupling, it is generally a component with Y -type branches. The optical signal entered by a fiber can be used. When the opening angle of the coupling branch road increases, the leakage of the leak to the bag will increase the excess loss. Therefore, the angle of the open angle is generally within 30 °, so the length of the waveguide fiber coupler cannot be too short.

4. The role of optical fiber coupling device

Optical coupler consists of two parts: light source and photographer. The light source and the light device are assembled in the same closed shell, and they are isolated with transparent insulation. The pins of the luminous source are the input end, the pins of the light device are output, and the common luminous source is the emitting diode, the light device is the light -sensitive diode, the light -sensitive triode, and so on.

The role of optical fiber coupling is to realize the optical signal distribution path/combined road, or to extend the optical fiber link, which is the field of optical passive components. applicable to. The main role is:

Transform the light signal into a telecommunications signal

Coupling the multi -mode signal into a single -mode signal

Make the cross -section optical fiber hole of the two fiber connecting

Make the two sets of light signals connected to each other

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