It is suitable for college students to recommend 17 men’s clothing brands. Good clothes are like this

Today, I will share with my family a few treasure men’s clothing stores in my collection. Recently, when the season is changed, it is when you need to update the closet. , Don’t go shopping yet!

Forty -nine days men’s clothing


I have been paying attention to this shop for a long time and bought it a few times. The workmanship of clothes is pretty good. Most of the materials are relatively thick, and the texture of the clothes is great. After wearing it, it is comfortable and comfortable. The clothes in the store are basically around 100 yuan in spring and summer. There are also promotional activities from time to time. The style is very suitable for college students. It is fashionable and small, mainly because the cost performance is really high. Generally speaking, it is very worth!

Cjhomme by choijoon men’s clothing

My favorite spring and summer models of this shop are those small suit, which are mainly based on the design of leisure and business style. Wearing it will improve my personal temperament. The average price of clothes can be bought at more than 100, and college students can start without pressure. If the boys at work have hard demands, there are some designs of business -oriented in his family. You can buy it according to needs. In short, his clothes are suitable for most boys.

Hualun design


The clothes in this shop are even more uniform. I think it is better in the items in the cheap men’s clothing series. The pricing of single items is relatively close to the people, and the version of the clothes is also great. It is a simple and trendy style. The effect of the boys is really temperamental, and she immediately becomes a handsome brother on the campus.

Forever Gift

This shop is relatively hot. Their design is a simple personality style, and it feels better to match. At first glance, I feel that such clothes will be relatively plain, but it is this item that has high plasticity, because most of them are low -saturated color tones. This kind of clothes really do not pick people, and the texture is also made. Very good, so it is the most suitable choice for everyone in daily commuting. It is a shop that can meet different needs.


Yoshiko Retroface Japanese men’s clothing

Boys who like Japanese minimalist style have paid attention to this one. Most of the items are designed with Japanese style. In the style, there are Japanese work jackets, retro literary shirts and retro workers. Still quality is quite good. It is worth mentioning that his summer T -shirt is the kind of cotton T -shirt with a heavy 320g. I choose a few pieces every summer. The texture and version are lever! If you also like Japanese -style clothes, don’t miss his family.

Tannin philosophy

Many boys should have heard of this original brand store. The style design is mainly simple and leisure style. It is better to match items. The upper body effect gives people a simple and clean feeling. At first glance, it is a big boy with a clean sun! It is also relatively rich in single products. Daily commuting or work is very suitable. Although the price is not very affordable, after all, the texture of the clothes is very good.


Mr. Short


It is a typical affordable store. The word you out is described as “super cheap”! I like the design of these clothes. The color is mainly black and white. It will feel that the feeling of INS wind net red boys will be worn out. It is also more versatile. Such high cost -effective men’s clothing shops are indeed more suitable for college students.




Recommend an original store that follows the Japanese Hong Kong wind route. There will be a lot of basic models in clothes. This season, there are more tops, pants and T -shirts with a high rate of wearing rates, and they are very versatile. After a few times, I feel very suitable for the student party. The type of cost -effective is the feeling of clean Japanese teenagers.


Hope of the whole village

It is also the one I like very much. The standard youth campus style design is very sunny and young. Many new items have been in his family recently, and there are many colors. After matching, you can easily wear different colors. The texture of the clothes is available but the price is actually very affordable, so it is also worth the student party to rush to the shop.


Mr. Jiangnan

A well -known domestic product brand, the clothes they are out are quite in line with college boys to choose, that is, simple and sunny fashion temperament. Different from some national tide brands, the design of his clothes and printing are more coordinated and beautiful. It is not the type of Huarihu whistle, but has its own personality elements. I often buy this shop. The work details of the clothes are handled well, and it feels like the kind of real material sense.

Bellken gets up early


The second Japanese retro wind creation store recommended by this article. After the clothes of his family are well matched, it will give people a sense of relaxation, that is, the vigorous little brother on the campus, cool and handsome, attracting the goddess, that’s the goddess. It’s just a second! By the way, his clothes are actually relatively neutral, so most of them can be paired with couples to wear, and the price is very affordable. It is suitable for the younger brothers and sisters of the student party.

Tokyo Wardrobe Men’s Studio

A very old -fashioned Taobao shop with a very old -fashioned and well -known mouth. The design of the clothes is mainly on the streets of work and Hong Kong style. This is suitable for boys who like Yu Wenle’s style to wear style. The overall design and style are very good, and the styles are relatively rich. Basically, the products you want can be found in the store. The focus is that the price / performance ratio is very high. Get up!


Liberty kostume

A original men’s clothing shop with a simple literary style, likes the color of his clothes, most of them are Morandi color, and a warm man is worn out! The clothes are not only gentle in color, but also the pattern is very simple. The overall feeling is simple and advanced. Boys in this style of clothes will give people a comfortable feeling. Recently, there are many new summer models. I recommend T -shirts and shirts. It is a kind of good -looking, whether it is outer or single wear, and does not pick people and pick occasions.




Another family that must be strongly recommended to the student party. The design of the main design of the Korean series is the young and stylish Korean Ouba in Korean dramas. Oba, then this shop cannot be missed. The texture of the clothes is also good. Both the version or the fabric and the workmanship are very reliable. A cotton T -shirt is only 30 yuan. Such a cost -effectiveness is no one!



This store’s word of mouth is also good. The design of the clothes is mainly based on the casual style. The color of the use is also fresh and simple. The version is also a relatively simple type. Recently, there will be more pants in the new items, and the version is very good. Overall, it is very suitable for college students to visit.



This national tide -positioning original brand men’s clothing store is more famous on Taobao. The overall clothes are based on the work of work. The simple foundation style has a little cool feeling. The design of the pattern is also very powerful. This is very suitable for students Boys who work shortly after the party and class. The quality of the clothes is good, and more importantly, the price is affordable. The price of summer costumes is basically around 100 yuan, which is more suitable for students and friends.


Lu Xiaohu

The last style of this clothes is relatively comprehensive. Korean, Japanese, and some niche tide design models are all available. The overall is still mainly leisure and fashion. It is diverse in style. It is suitable for college students who like to change. Most boys need to dress, and the upper body is the kind of clean sun but not showing “passers -by”.


Well, the shop above can meet the needs of all college students and friends! They are all good quality shops with good clothes and seductive prices. Do you like these stores? Do you have a more suitable brand and store sharing? Tell me the comment area!

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I love to search for beauty,

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