The old suitcase occupied space, my mother thought of a trick, and changed the 6 -story cabinet in the house.

After moving the house twice, her mother was reluctant to throw her old suitcase more than twenty years ago, and asked her the reason that it was the dowry of the year. Stay at home without throwing up to occupy space? This mother thought of a trick, and changed the home with a 6 -story cabinet.

Did you never think of you? To be honest, my mother also shouted directly. If you change it before the decoration at home, you can save thousands of yuan to buy a cabinet.


In fact, it is very simple to transform, mainly the wooden frames wrapped outside and the sliding rails of each layer of suitcase. These successful storage cabinets are not available. Of course, when doing this wooden frame, be sure to determine the height of the width of your home first, and match the existing suitcase, otherwise the framework is bigger and higher, isn’t it wasteful.

Sliding rail installation is not a simple matter, but it still has to be paid special attention when installation. One is that the quality of the hardware must pass, and the other is to install firmly. Even the old racks can be durable for more than ten years if you pay attention to the details of the transformation.

If you feel that the old rack is fixed on the wooden frame, the steps are more complicated, you can also hang it directly on the wall, but this is required for the size of the box. If the box is too large, it will take advantage of space, and it will be more hindered on the wall.


If neither method above, you can look at the figure below: Add a supportive leg to the bottom of the old suitcase. In this way, you can stand on the ground. question.


Of course, this old suitcase can not only be changed to a storage cabinet, but also can be changed to other good things.


Putting it on the bedside, basically no need to transform it, you can use the bedside table. Not only can the surface of the box can be set, but it is also a layer of storage space.

Find a suitable position on a small suitcase on the wall, and can also be used as a cosmetic table. Is this a makeup table that almost does not take 1 square meter without spending a penny?


Of course, except for the suitcase is useful, some accessories on the suitcase are also very useful. Use the belt of the rack to remove it and fix it on the seat as a seat cushion. The comfort is also quite high.

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