Short -sleeved shirt is old -fashioned? That is you can’t make it! Wear this summer, refreshing and advanced

Designer Richard James has made it clear: “I hate short -sleeved shirts!”


He even threatened “the person wearing a short -sleeved shirt is loser.”

Why is the short -sleeved shirt suffering such unfair treatment and is discriminated against by everyone?

“Boys’ shirts are not wearing short, POLO shirts are not wearing long”

, Even in the summer, you can wear long -sleeved shirts from temperature.

With this stereotyped impression, in people’s hearts, the short -sleeved shirt is also considered

“Fashion Black Hole Single Product”


To be honest, the “short -sleeved shirt” is actually very suitable for summer wear, and can shape different styles.

Those who say that short -sleeved shirts are too soil and too old, that is, you won’t take it! Wearing this summer, I learned a lot, refreshing and advanced.


1. Inner white T, inner long and short

Short -sleeved shirts are formal and casual, and they still modify their shapes.

It’s too complicated to match,

Hawaiian print short -sleeved shirt with white T


Inner simplified

It will not bring aesthetic fatigue. Pulling long legs with black wide -leg pants, high and thin.

If you want to get rid of the stereotype of a short -sleeved shirt to give people a “old cadre”, you can use the style of comparing the style of the sports college.

The inner white T improves the sense of shape, the lower body is paired with pants and sneakers, the middle white socks are echoed with the color of the top, and the concise is more advanced.

Piece of long -sleeved T -shirt inside short -sleeved shirts

, It’s relatively hot in recent years

“Inner length and shortness”


The seemingly unusual way of dressing has greatly enhanced the sense of layering of styling, and it is very in line with the aesthetic style of contemporary young people, fashionable and age -reducing.

Second, stacking shirts, high -level fashion

High -level fashion bloggers never follow the routine, breaking the traditional world of concepts to lead the fashion trend.

Working short -sleeved shirt with printed shirt

The same stacking method uses two types of the same style to combine together to have a more layered sense.

Working Cuba collar shirt with small collar short -sleeved shirt


, Semi -formal and semi -casual style, use the details of the collar to highlight differentiation.

The lower body is paired with gray casual trousers and white sneakers,

Use the belt to divide the proportion of upper and lower body

The body of Sanqi showed to the fullest.

Third, use accessories to increase the sense of detail

White short -sleeved shirts are easy to give people a serious feeling, and accessories can be added appropriately when matching.


Boys wearing silk scarves are a manifestation of elegant gentlemen,


White shirt and printed silk scarf


The combination of the shape can improve the bright spots, and the silk scarf can also modify the neck lines, showing temperament and charm.


You can also spend more “careful thinking” on the details,

Put a bow under the shirt, and the waistline can also brighten the vision.

This method looks a bit “mother”, but as long as the scale is held, it can also show the elegant temperament of men.



Don’t say that the “short -sleeved shirt” is rustic. Learn the above three dressing skills, refreshing and advanced, the trendy people icon dresses like this in summer!

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