Zhang Hanyun tries the “Black Swan” shape, wears a black puffy skirt, and has the charm of a little woman

Presumably no girl does not like puffy skirts, the fluffy sense of the puff skirt is very dreamy

It is enough to satisfy the girl’s dream in the minds of every girl, so no matter what age everyone is in, there is a reason for choosing a puff skirt.


Puff skirts are also the first choice for everyone to wear tender. There are no categories and styles of clothing more suitable for making tender shapes.

Essence One of the advantages of puffy skirt is to cover the meat. Choose the fashion effect of holding the skirt in the waist position to increase the sense of styling. From the perspective of length, whether it is a long puff skirt, or a short puff skirt It has a great cover and hidden effect on the fat on the leg.


So to say,

Which girl can not love puffy skirts, wear light luxury advanced, princess Fan is too charming

, Girls have a “puff skirt” to easily show the sweet style, pure and wanting to make people feel exciting. The style of the puff skirt is not the only one. There are dark colors in color. In addition, there are simplicity and exquisite models, which can meet women’s wear needs on different occasions and different periods.


If you are also interested in puffy skirts, let’s look at the following style design and matching demonstration with Xiaobian!


Diablo puff skirt

Generally speaking, the puff skirts are used as a tulle fabric as the essence of fashion to increase the image charm.

The light puff skirt is the first choice for everyone. The light color system is fresh and elegant, and it is enough to show a minimalist and luxurious shape during the matching process.

The existence of common light -colored puff skirts is very dreamy atmosphere, and it can also show a certain romantic atmosphere.


For women with pure temperament and elegant appearance, it is a good choice


Essence On the contrary, the appearance of dark black puff skirts breaks through the entire style of wear, which is sweet and cool, and is very unique.

The dark skirt of the dark system also has a certain highlight in style design

Among them, the choice of fabric is not unique. The position of the skirt is added with a tulle superimposed fashion effect. Uniquely, it is very sexy to match.

Recommended style of puffy skirt

Gradient color gilt golden skirt

Gradient color style dress changes in color tones into fashion design,

A color change from dark to light -colored transition layers, the sense of layering is extremely rich

Essence The gradient -style puff skirt can not only be used as a fashion choice for daily wear, but also can be used as a charm to create a delicate and gorgeous look in formal occasions.


Among them, to increase the stylish style of gilt elements, in the area, the gilt elements that add gradient tone to show the exquisite side.

And wrap the figure under the slim style, outline the curve with the effect of self -cultivation,

The fluffy design of the lower body skirt and the slim design shows a sharp contrast, and the whole shape looks more uniform.

Grass green fluffy gauze skirt

In some banquet occasions, women choose a fluffy style gauze skirt as a night dress. There are still many opportunities. The fluffy skirt design combines the lightness of the tulle fabric. Feeling, unlimited charm.

The tulle -style puff skirt not only has layers in the texture of the fabric, but also the color change in color to show the sense of layering.

Among them, grass green is used as a background, combined with the modified effect of ivory white. The color matching is fresh and eye -catching, and it is very young and beautiful to match.


The grass -green puff skirt does not exist in style design. The firming effect of the above half -body folds is superimposed with colorful embroidery patterns for certain design. Suitable for formal occasions.


Fluorescent yellow printed puff skirt

When you choose a evening dress, you can make full use of the fashion design of the puffed skirt to show the unique charm.

The fluorescent yellow is used as a fashion background, and it adds eye -catching highlights under a large area of ​​rendering

The color is bright and amazing, and at the same time occupies a large area of ​​visual range, and further enhances the sense of styling.

For evening dresses, it is often not enough to have amazing colors. You also need to combine the rich styling of fashion elements.


For example, combining black print elements for certain embellishment, the unique charm of details and the exquisite elements can play a good role, showing a distinctive side, light luxury, fashionable, rich in design.


When you choose a brilliant puff skirt to match, you need to pay attention to it, that is, the matching ability of everyone’s skin tone and skirt style

Women with fair skin tone can almost control any color, and for women with yellow and black skin, do not choose bright colors or bright colors.

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