Apple’s best mobile phone, or the iPhone 4 12 years ago?

What is the best mobile phone in the history of iPhone?

Everyone has their own answers, but no matter whether you agree with or not, you can’t ignore it. The launch of the iPhone in 2010, changing the iPhone, changing your mobile phone, and changing the world -iPhone 4.

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

In Apple history, iPhone 4 is a milestone. It makes the iPhone truly worldwide. How strong is it released 12 years ago?

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

Jobs’s description is not exaggerated, which is the first time I saw it when I was a kid.

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

Even with more than 10 years later, the design of the iPhone 4 is definitely “exquisite”.

At that time, most mainstream mobile phones used plastic shells, and the metal+glass body of the iPhone 4 seemed unique. The thickness of 9.3 mm also makes it

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

At that time, the thinnest mobile phone on the entire planet


Exquisite observation and comfortable feel, let people try to try it at a glance. The classic design of metal frame plus double -sided glass is not outdated now. Compared with the iPhone 12, it is not only a right -angle border, but also the position of the volume keys, microphones, and lines.

Open the screen, you can see the classic unlock interface. Sliding, unlocking, feel really great.

The current fingerprint and facial unlocking is fast, but the “troubles” sliding unlocking of the iPhone 4 makes me can’t help repeating it over and over again. What attracts me may be exquisite unlock animation, maybe the wonderful feelings of nostalgia and novelty, or that classic “click” sound.

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

In this picture, you said it was a mobile phone in 2021, and I believe it too. As early as 2010, Jobs met the importance of a mobile phone display, so he brought the Retina screen on the iPhone 4. Retina represents 326 pixels on the screen per inch, which is the value of PPI equal to 326. Studies have found that when people use their mobile phones at a normal distance,

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

As long as the PPI of the screen is greater than 300, the human eye can not identify the pixel

In other words, what you see is a completely high -definition picture and text.

In 2010, I still do n’t understand what retina and PPI are in junior high school, but I can feel it intuitively.

The screen of iPhone 4 is very clear, better than other mobile phones

Jobs hopes to set a benchmark for the industry, allow this standard to continue for several years, and let other mobile phones also see this benchmark. The fact is that this benchmark has continued to the present.

Even the latest iPad mini 6, PPI is 326.

Of course, not only the screen lasted for 10 years, but also a 5V1A charger. However, Cook may also be aware of such inappropriateness, so in 2020, they no longer send chargers.

The APP icon on the iPhone 4 is matched, which is different from the current flat style, but it is also good -looking and in line with intuition.

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

This way of conforming to intuition and simplifying the use is also in line with Jobs’ concept.

Jobs once worked in Atlli, and appreciated the simple and user -friendly of the game developed by Yadali. Without a manual, you can play with you.

For example, the only two instructions for “Star Trek” game are: “1. Invest in coins; 2. Dodge the Klingong people.” This concept also affects his product design, such as the clock, which is a pitch look like a pitch. ; Memorandum is the notepad, the calculator, and click in it like a reality calculator.

There will be a shutter action with a camera, just like a real camera.

After taking the photo, there will be animations running to the album

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

Click to enter the album, and then click the same place to return. This is stronger than the iPhone 12. I entered the album from the camera countless times, and then I wanted to come back in the same place, but I couldn’t come back. This was very intuitive. Delete photos in the album, there will be an animation that falls into the trash can, which is very true and feels “fool”. Now we just pick up a mobile phone and know how to use it, but for those who were still using Nokia at the time, this animation can let him know where the photos are finished. Essence In addition to easy -to -hand, the multi -tasking background mode of A4 processors and Apple makes the iPhone 4 “crane chicken group” smooth.

I remember when I was in junior high school, there were many cottage machines in China. The appearance interface was exactly the same as the iPhone 4, but as long as the game is opened, you will find that the giant card.

At that time, Saipan and Android systems had many advertisements and complicated software. They often need to clear memory and even flash. and

There is no advertisement, you can open a lot of software, and you can switch back and forth iPhone 4. It is simply a random killing

Essence Regarding taking pictures, Jobs has different views with others.

“Everyone likes to talk about very clear things, such as millions of pixels.

But for mobile phones to take pictures, how to capture light more fully

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

Essence “Therefore, in addition to upgrading the pixel to 5 million, the iPhone 4 also used some technologies that were only available on high -end cameras at the time -back lighting sensor, which allowed the sensor to get more light.

And when other mobile phones improve pixels, they will reduce pixels, so that the light sensing is actually less.

While the iPhone 4 improves the pixel, it maintains the unchanged pixel size, which also enhances the light sensing ability

Jobs didn’t think of the number of parameters and hardware, and the noodles of the brain. Instead of thinking from the perspective of consumers, what they really need.

I took some photos with iPhone 4 and looked at it with my current vision. I would not feel outdated.

And the iPhone 4 camera is so small. Now the camera of the mobile phone is larger than one, more than one, including the iPhone itself.


At that time, you didn’t need to rely on the camera to identify the phone

Essence The iPhone 4 achieves extremely powerful performance, while its fever is well controlled. At that time, Xiaomi and Meizu of the Android camp were very hot, and Xiaomi’s “born for a fever” has been ridiculed for many years.

The iPhone 4’s music player is also very beautiful. When you download your songs and enter the music interface, you can see the album page and song information.

At this time,

If you cross your phone, you can see the super beautiful Cover Flow interface

You can slide to select the album, and then click to select the song.

However, the iPhone 4 is not perfect. The metal middle frame+antenna design used for the first time has triggered the “antenna door” incident. When your hand holds a few antennas at the same time, there will be no signal.

Apple has revised this on the iPhone 4S, and at the same time brought strong updates such as A5 processor and Siri with double performance. But this time, we could not see Jobs at the press conference.

Jobs watched the 4S conference at the hospital, and then died on the second day of the press conference.

iPhone 4S, English is iPhone Four S. Some people say that the name means for Steve. Regardless of whether it is true or not, it is worthy of Jobs’ efforts. He let the name of the iPhone sound the world, and the disruptive designs he brings are still used to this day.

As Jobs said:

Great art does not need to follow the trend, it can lead the trend in itself.

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

I always feel that the current mobile phone is seriously homogeneous, and many parameters and hardware can be seen at each press conference, but after reading it, I can’t remember anything. It’s been too long, I haven’t seen something that makes people look bright.

In 2010, people listened to Jay Chou, the iPhone 4 was born, and the Nokia dynasty ended. Xiaomi, Huawei, and Meizu exerted their strength, and domestic mobile phones are strong.

It was an era full of changes and hope. Numerous new things burst out, and the product was very fast. In 2022 more than 10 years later, people are still listening to Jay Chou, and they still use right -angle border mobile phones. How much has improved?

I think people miss the iPhone 4, but I miss the right -angle frame, but the innovation and change it represents.

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

People miss Jobs, not to miss his temperament, but to miss those who refuse to follow the flow, and always want to change the world at the forefront of the waves and want to change the world.

Tribute to those crazy guys to the Crazy Ones

Their miSFITS

They are unruly The Rebels

They are raw

苹果最好的手机,还是12年前的iPhone 4?

They do not enter The Round PEGS in the Square Holes

They are not Yunyun The One WHO SEE Things Diffrently

They do not keep the rules They’re Not Fond of Rules

They are uneasy about the status quo and they have no resin for the status quo

You can quote their you can quote them

Question they are disagree with them

Chair or vilify them Glorify or Vilify Them

But you can’t ignore their But the only thing you can’T do is iGnore them

Because they change things becaue they change things

They promoted humans to develop They Push the Human Race Forward

Perhaps they are the lunatics in the eyes of others And WHILE SOME May See Them as the Crazy Ones

But they are the genius we see genius in our eyes

Because only those who think they can change the world, Because the People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think they can change the world

In order to truly change the world Are the One WHO Do




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