What kind of gas protection machine can welded aluminum?

Brothers, first of all, you need to know that ordinary gas protection welding machines cannot be well welded aluminum materials. Welded welding channels are very unsightly!


emm … how can I welded aluminum?

In order to welded aluminum, a special pulse gas sale machine is required, but the general market price will be more expensive.

Is there a machine with a higher cost performance?

Then you ask the right person,

Haoyi developed a digital pulse -type wire delivery machine

, Ordinary Blockbone Welding Machines can easily achieve welding aluminum with it! The one -button is converted to the function of ordinary air protection welding, and the cost performance is extremely high!


Hao Yi’s digital pulse -type wire delivery machine strikes! Intersection Intersection

25th Beijing ● Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition



Shanghai New International Expo Centre


Come and experience the magical effect.


No need to change the welding machine line and jack, just connect to the normal connection

Used with any brand and model of secondary welding machine.


Precise wire delivery, the length of the shit length is 1mm, and the length of the wire is adjusted at will, which is easy to achieve the consistency of the welding joint.



Easily welded fish scales to reduce welding splashing, and welded roads are more beautiful.



One -click convert to ordinary air protection welding function

Superior five

Ordinary prices, powerful functions, and cost -effectiveness are greatly increased.

Convenient operation

One -click conversion

Cost -effective

Are you moving?

Renqiu Haoyi Metal Products Co., Ltd. (formerly Ren Qiu City Tongda Die Die Casting Plant), since its establishment of the factory in 2008, has been engaged in the production and research and development of die casting aluminum parts. In 2010, it was involved in the welding industry. Approve. In 2015, the company officially put into production of stamping accessories such as wire delivery case, remote control box shell, and motor shell in 2015. In the same year, it was officially assembled and produced by the wire delivery machine assembly, and provided customers with the entire machine EM layer processing and accessories one -stop service for the majority of customers. In 2017, the company officially developed and produced the automatic arc welding automatic wire delivery machine and welding machine pulse controller. And obtain a national technical patent.

In the increasingly fierce market competition environment, the company provides customers with the highest cost -effective products in the industry with the core advantage of 80%of its own accessories.

What kind of gas protection machine can welded aluminum?




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