Maxmara, who was 80 -year -old classic coat, was not worth it?

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I sent my own photos in the big size. Everyone was asking what brand of the cashmere coat on me. I already have a sharp -eyed baby to see it, that is, MaxMara!

Many people entered the pit because the first few years of “The First Half of My Life” was hit, the 101801 on Tang Jing.


Recently, when Meng Wanzhou made a public appearance, he chose MaxMara’s latest Labbro’s orange yellow this year. In the late autumn season, it was warm and bright.


This color is really special. It is not very saturated between reddish -brown and orange. But it is a high -level sense of unpredictable, and it is particularly lined with skin.


Yao Chen wore this cover of this autumn and winter new autumn and winter in 2019.

When I went to the store, I also went to this color, but after the upper body, I felt a bit niche, which was not as good as the classic. After tangling for a long time, I chose the color.


You know, there is such a saying in the British fashion circle: If Princess Kate does not know what to wear today? It is definitely not wrong to wear a coat of MaxMara.


To this day, MaxMara’s classic camel “101801” coat has become a permanent collection of many important clothing museums.


Just as 2.55 handbags are the most representative bag products of Chanel, British Trench Coat is the masterpiece of Burberry, and camel coat is a symbol of MaxMara.

MaxMara’s fashion is always low -key, with simple lines and tailoring, high -end fabric texture and natural design to face the rapid changes in the fashion industry.

The founder Archille Maramotti is actually a graduate of the law department. Because his mother likes senior fashion, under her influence, Archille became interested in the fashionable industry and founded MaxMara in 1951.


He also had a classic words “coat was the first place to hide in a woman.”


In 1957, Archille Maramotti launched the first series of the brand -a camel coat and geranium pink suit.

Until 1963, with the assistance of many young and outstanding designers, MaxMara began to launch a fashion series every year.

Among these young designers, there are now famous Chanel old Buddha Karl Lagerfeld. In addition, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Narciso Rodriguez, etc., who have also worked in MaxMara in the later fashion circle!


Max Mara1971-1972 Autumn and Winter coat is the hand of the old Buddha Karl Lagerfeld. Now it seems that is it still at the forefront of the trend?


Once listed, this camel coat used its extremely detailed workmanship and perfect outline, which attracted the attention of the Italian fashion industry at that time.


Since then, the camel coat has become the classic of MaxMara, creating the brand’s success and status for more than 60 years.


MaxMara has also done a very interesting project called “Mother and Daughter”. They invited six pairs of Italian mothers and daughters to wear the same classic camel coat with the same history of 36 years.


With their unique style and matching, these twelve women show the long -lasting charm of the “101801” coat.

This plan has once again emphasized the versatile classic of the 101801 series, and the second gave us a good combination of reference, from pants to skirts, from sports shoes to Oxford shoes to high heels, wearing the same coat, changing another You can go to work, dating and attending a dinner.

Moreover, from the love of my mother to the new favorite of her daughter, this is the classic, and it will never be outdated. MaxMara has also become a good example of “grandmother and granddaughter can wear a brand of women’s clothing”.


In 1981, Anne Marie BeRetta, then MaxMara designer, designed a large lapel double -breasted camel coat named “101801”.

And this coat has once again set off a classic wave of MAX MARA, which has become a palace -level style that is still out of date.

The “101801” coat is very sophisticated in terms of fabric and tailoring, and has a strong solidity.

Everyone knows that 101801 is the most iconic is the water wave pattern fangs it selected. To make the surface of the fabric’s surface, such as the rippling of water, and show a beautiful effect, first of all, the requirements of the hair material are much higher than the general process.

Moreover, the natural softness and toughness of wool raw materials need to meet certain standards.


From the Kashmir wool returned, MAXMARA screened out the same slender, tough, and elastic and high -quality wool, combined with cashmere closer to the shape, and pushed it with expensive professional machinery. The textile was finally used to make 101801 coats. Water ripple fluff blended fabric.

I have watched a documentary. In order to protect the softest touch and perfect texture of the MaxMara coat, the tailoring of each piece of cloth must be gently covered with satin to protect the precious fabric.

Each coat requires 168 minutes of handmade sewing, 3 cm sewing and 11 stitches to ensure that the two sides are exactly the same. The seemingly simple coat is made, and the process is more than 170.

Therefore, the emergence of 101801 coat also subverts people’s wrong cognition of the thickness of coats.


The 101801 coat pays attention to the light and warm, allowing people to get rid of the awkward winter.

The top raw materials make each coat feel a soft cloud -like touch, which is one of the important reasons why 101801 stands out of many coats.


In the cold winter season, watching the woman with a coat on the street, you wrapped the down jacket and trembling teeth, thinking why they were not cold. In fact, they may not be cold because clothes are warm enough.


So I never agree that buying MaxMara’s coat is the saying that IQ taxes are paid. Wool and cashmere blended clothing products, such as Hermes and Chanel use the same technology and fabrics, the price of coats generally exceeds 2,000 euros, some may be sold to sell to it. 3000 ~ 5000 Euros.

Therefore, the 101801 coat was sold to 1600 euros in luxury goods, and it was very conscience, and after understanding the production process of MaxMara, it would feel that the price / performance ratio was really high.

The most enthusiastic part of MaxMara, as well as long -lasting tailoring and design. The reason why MaxMara’s coat will not be out of date, and the classic atmospheric design is inseparable from the low -key luxury.


Oversized’s silhouette flexibility is very high, suitable for most people, and it is lazy and stylish at will. The cuff design of the “101801 series” is inspired by kimono, freedom and casual, and the double -breasted buckle is elegant.


The “101801 series” coat can become a classic in the classics. Another reason is versatile! There are three options: camel, apricot, and black, both of which are very pure and advanced.


The most important thing is that it can almost be worn with all clothes, and can be perfectly matched with people of different ages and different body types.

Many people say that 101801 is too long, and people who have tall people look good. In fact, I don’t think so. As long as you like it, you can buy it. It is most important to wear it yourself.


This coat is not afraid of more than 30 years of trend, and has been new for a long time. From 1981 to now 36 years, the sales of this coat have been sold as high as 142,000, which is the best -selling evergreen item in MaxMara’s history.

Its distinctive quality and enduring vitality make it a precious collection worthy of passing from generation to generation.


Compared with today’s fast fashion, the ladies still firmly choose MaxMara’s clothing because it uses excellent materials and tailoring, not because it is a popular costume this season.


MaxMara said: “MaxMara fashion has always been low -key. We considers that people have unique personality and identity, and we should not make clothes. We will create the best products for our nature. This is our nature.”

To this day, MaxMara has 7 series products, including:


MM (elegant outfit)


Sportmax (fashion pretend)

Studio (professional outfit)

Weekend (casual outfit)

CODE (Young School)

MM Elegant (Site Costume)


‘SmaxMara (luxury outfit)


I asked the Cabinet Sister. The MM and ‘S series are high -end. Weekend has a relatively cost -effective route. Babies with limited budgets can choose this series.


Below, I will introduce it in detail, MaxMara’s selection recommendation!



That is, this one I wear is particularly soft to the touch. The slender collar can set off the neck lines well, and there are two big pockets, which can be put in the mobile phone and lipstick. It is also very warm.

It is the most aura in MaxMara and its high -end series.

The texture of cashmere is very solid, and Labbro is really thin. Until the length of the calf belly, it is also very warm.

People from 18 to 60 can be worn, and everyone can give it different tastes.



Compared to the umbrella -shaped Labbro, the legs can be more modified, and 101801 with a silhouette can better modify the waist, and the overall length also guarantees that it can not pick the figure, no gender, no age, as the sign of MaxMara’s signboard Everyone should start with the classic style.


What you don’t have to worry about when wearing 101801 is to wear, no matter what you look good, it is really the most versatile.


Moreover, it is undoubtedly an excellent crowns for the fairy with the shoulder. The aura of the Hong Kong style in the 1980s is really unstoppable.


But for babies with flat shoulders, it will be a bit strong.



On the basis of the 1010801 classic double -breasted coat, remove the buttons and increase the opening of the neckline. MaxMara developed a bathrobe coat Manula.


It is basically the same as the tailoring above, and use a belt to outline the curve of women.

Lazy and charming, Princess Meghan was also wearing.


It is the most woman, but it is a bit picky than Labbro and 101801, and they can look better. Thin people will look better.

Fortunately, it is slightly shorter than Labbro and 101. Babies who don’t like too long can choose this.


The most casual is also the style that is most suitable for Asians. Wearing a hat is very age -reducing, it won’t be old -fashioned, it is also the benefits of small babies.

The big collar is super handsome, and babies who like medium and long models must not be missed.

The model is recommended to choose the same long Goloso. GOLOSO is made of pure Luo Ma Mao. Two direct pockets, and a large hat, simple enough to have no buttons.

Because this style is very young, there are very light blue, light powder and other colors. If they are suspected of a girl with a bad face, they can try it.


Because there is a stand -up collar, it is the highest cold one, suitable for female executives, or relatively cold cool sisters.

100%cashmere is also the classic MaxMara.

The classic models are particularly difficult to buy. Almost all the code on the Italian official website has been sold out.

It is also a medium -length model, which is particularly neat at the same time as the legs are long.



The rookie Teddy used to be hot for a while, and all female stars were passing through.

It adheres to all the advantages of the predecessors and has a trace of nobleness.

The long thick jacket is easy to give people a feeling of “buried” the whole person, so exposing part of the ankle or instep, it looks more breathable, such as a pair of pointed high heels. It does not seem to look light, and makes the Teddy coat look less naive.

If the conventional coat is tired, you can try Teddy, maybe there will be different surprises.

As a person from a clothing design, I have always valued the fabric of clothes. Because this is the key to measuring the quality of clothes.

So in the end, let’s talk about dry goods, or it can also be used as a basis for everyone to choose wool coats in the future.


You know, the quality of wool depends on the fineness, curling, color and strength, etc., but the fineness is the most important factor that determines the price and quality of wool.


The fineness of wool is divided by micrometers. All fibers below 25 microns can be used as making clothing. The smaller the value, the quality of the quality (the highest amount of the actual wool of various fineness is called the quality branch of the quality branch. The higher the), the more softer the spinning yarn is, the more precious it is.

So we will see a lot of Taobao women’s clothing. In the details of the product, we will introduce the concept of “small number”.

There is a common misunderstanding that wool must be tie. I can only say that it may be because you have never seen good wool.


MaxMara’s majors do wool coat brands, and they can feel the difference when they go to the counter -at all, they do not tie their hands, and they are very soft.

In the tailor shop in the UK, I also saw better wool than MaxMara. The top wool is many times thinner than hair wire. One meter fabric can be sold for seven or eight thousand, which is more rare than many cashmere fabrics.

Moreover, the real high -quality wool is not a ball. Those who say that they will get the ball are real wool, just listen, even the real wool, it is a particularly bad wool.

What about cashmere cashmere?

First of all, it is not easy for cashmere. In order to resist the cold of winter, the thick hair of the sheep’s thick hair has a thin layer of fluff.


The herdsmen slowly combed the fluff with a special small iron comb.

A goat can only collect less than 200g cashmere a year, so cashmere in the world has the title of “soft gold”.


A thin cashmere short cardigan is lighter than the T -shirt worn in the summer, and the better the cashmere, the thinner, the thinner, the lighter, it is normal to sell tens of thousands of yuan.

Therefore, MaxMara’s coat, in all aspects, is a very worthwhile autumn and winter item.If you travel to Europe, you must buy one!

Lu Lu: There are two daughters’ master’s degree and writer, writer, and the new book “Who walks through Wanshui and Thousands of Mountains” and is selling hot.Walking in the middle of the caravan of the east -west cultural differences, elegant women are self -media.

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