How beautiful is blue jeans wore right? You know the matching of the tide, and it is easy to be a fashionable essence

Blue jeans are practical items with high utilization rates in our daily life. However, many times, many people always treat jeans as spare options when they are not inspired, which more or less ignores the charm of jeans itself.

Although it is a basic item for a few people, the jeans are very plastic, which can not only create a variety of styles, choose the right style that suits you and master the matching skills, but also easily enhance the sense of fashion. How beautiful is the blue jeans wore the right thing this summer? You know the matching of the tide, and take a look at it as you can easily become a fashionable essence. Let’s take a look!

1. How to choose jeans

With the development of fashion, the style of jeans gradually becomes diverse, which is dazzling enough to start. Regarding this, we can choose according to leg shape and dressing.

Generally speaking, straight jeans, tapered jeans or smoke pipe jeans that use high waist+nine -point design and can modify the leg lines are the most popular.

In addition to being able to make the legs of the wearer longer and straight, it is also that such denim pants are tight and appropriate, and the scope of applications can be easily controlled whether it is slightly fat or small.


Different jeans have different styles, and the styles created will also be different. Women who like specific styles, such as French style, may wish to choose French jeans, such as French high -waisted straight jeans, French micro -gallo trousers.

It is used with white shirts, grandma shirts or real camisrets in summer, romantic, elegant and fashionable.

Second, increase the exposed skin area

“Dew skin” is a very practical dressing technique in summer. Especially when it is packed as high -waisted denim trousers at the moment, in order to improve the bright spots and make the coolness rising straight, we need to use a dew -skinned top with jeans.

Such as short silk suspenders, short -sleeved T -shirts, short -sleeved sweaters, or short -sleeved shirts, which are used to match high -waisted jeans, it can increase the effect of exposed skin.


It not only shows the collarbone, neck and arms of the upper body of the wearer, but also to avoid being too old -fashioned.


In addition to using short -sleeved tops and sleeveless tops, it can also be completed by some details.

If you wear a shirt, you can open the neckline of the shirt, pull up the cuffs, or roll up denim trousers legs, which can make the overall look look more fashionable.

3. Add fashion elements or other highlights to the shape

Most of the jeans in our wardrobe are the basic models, such as nine -point straight jeans, high -waisted micro -jeans, smoke pipe jeans, tapered jeans or wide -leg jeans.


These jeans are simple and generous, and there is no excess decoration. If it is used to match the basic top, it does not make a mistake, but if you want to wear a full sense of high -level, you have to wear a full sense of high -level sense. high.

For ordinary people, if you want to be monotonous, don’t forget to add fashion elements to the overall look. If you use a shirt+jeans, you can replace the basic shirts with a baby collar shirt, bubble sleeve shirt or a ribbon shirt.

If you want to break the monotonous sense of classic jeans, you can also do it with the help of floral, printing, ripples or retro flower elements.


If you use a printed short top with high -waisted conical jeans, the printed element is retro and romantic, and the center of gravity is easily moved up.

If you use a solid -colored basic top with jeans, then the general public should not forget to put the jacket into the trousers, or use a middle jacket to stack a small suspender and small vest to easily raise the waistline position.

Summer with thin and long pointed shoes, loafers or fine heels, fashionable and atmospheric.

Fourth, use the small area of ​​accessories to embellishment

Many people often follow the principles of simpler and more advanced and more advanced. They use basic white shirts, T -shirts, knitwear or vests with jeans. At this time, in order to avoid the overall look without highlights, we need to use accessories to perform decorative effects.


Women who like minimalist high -level winds may try more gold accessories in summer, such as gold collarbone chains, gold earrings, gold bracelets, or black gold color belts and bags.


Even the simplest white shirt+jeans, gold accessories can enhance the gloss, fashionable and personality.

The bag is also a weapon that can break the basic look, and can further emphasize the style of dressing.


If you like minimalist diligence, then you may wish to match the black armpits or tote bags. Women who like French style can use vegetable baskets and straw bags to create summer style. The above is the jeans that I will share for everyone this time. If you like jeans and you are worried that you can’t wear a sense of fashion, then please refer to this set of demonstrations and easily become fashionable!

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