What are the skills of how to set up a tent?

Having a tent is one of the essential skills of outdoor camp enthusiasts. Many friends may be curious about how to put the tent. In fact, it is easy to take a tent. First, choose the camp, take out the tent accessories , Insert the bottom angle, just hang out the account. There are certain differences in different types of tents. There is a certain skill in setting up a tent, try to put it on the flat ground as much as possible, and count the tools. The tent is built, and it is necessary to pay attention to the backing wind and build a drainage ditch and the field toilet. Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge together.

How to put on a normal tent

1. First choose the camp. After considering the wind direction and terrain, choose a flat land and lay the inner account of the tent on the ground (usually the inner account, but there are also some to support the external account first The principle is the layer of the tent), and the nail bags, poles and other accessories wrapped with the tent are put aside first.

2. Take out the folding tent pole, turn it over, straighten each section, and connect into a long rod.

3. Put the long fiber rod into the barracks of the tent (also known as the pipe). There are a few rods to be worn at the same time.

4. Insert one of the fiber rods into the corner of the tent’s bottom corner or on the needle ring (some tents are needed for a needle ring, each has its own benefits), and then to the other end (diagonal) The bottom angle, slowly arched the rod, supported the tent, and then inserted the rod into the eyes or needle ring.

5. Finally, it is a foreign account, open the foreign account, and cover it on the internal account.

帐篷怎么搭 搭帐篷的技巧有哪些 搭建帐篷注意事项

6. There are some ropes on the external account, which is used to strengthen the tent. It can not be pulled without any wind. It is best to pull it up.

Different types of tent construction methods

1. Triangular tent

(1) Put the tent on the ground, flatten the ground and nail the ground along the bottom side.

(2) Smoop the two branches from the tent, put it on the isolation tube, and then put it in the crossbar.

(3) The tent coat is covered and the pull of the jacket is stretched to stretch all the outside.

(4) Way the rainproof hood into the support of the rod, put it on the wind -resistant line, and complete it.

Note: There is a space between the internal and external tents of the triangular double tent. This space should be maintained. Do not “stick” the inner and outer layers together. This space can prevent rain and warmth.

2. Ding -shaped tent

(1) Put the tent to the ground, and nail the four corners (some are six cents) ground nails.

(2) Two groups (the hexagonal dome is three groups) of the pepper rods. If the rod is a loose part, you need to connect it according to the instructions group.

(3) Put the puff rod into the custard of the tent, and insert one end of the two groups into the pores. The other end of the two sets of poles is stretched hard at the same time, and the other pores are inserted into another pore.

(4) Speaking of tents shaking and forming can be placed on the ground. A jacket or a small rain cover with a coat is completed.

Tips for building tents

1. Try to set up tents on a hard and flat ground, and do not camp on the river bank and dry riverbed.

2. The tent is selected in the sandy land, grassland, or rocky land.

3. At least there must be grooves. Do not take it next to the streams and rivers. It will not be too cold at night.

4. The tent surface is best to see the early morning sun from south or southeast, and the camp should try not to be on the ridge or mountain top.

5. Clear the number of tents, ground nails, ropes, and branches before the tent is built. After the camp is completed, it is installed in the tent sleeve.

5. In order to prevent insects from entering, a circle of kerosene can be sprinkled around the tent.

What are the precautions for taking a tent?

1. The entrance of the tent should be carried back, and the tent should stay away from the hillside with rolling stones.

2. To avoid the tent flooding when it rains, a drainage ditch should be dug directly below the top of the tent.

3. Press the four corners of the tent. Keep air circulation in the tent, and cook in the tent to prevent fire.

4. Before going to bed in the evening, check whether all the flames are extinguished and whether the tent is fixed.

帐篷怎么搭 搭帐篷的技巧有哪些 搭建帐篷注意事项

5. The tent should be built in order: first build a public tent. Put a cooking tent at the downwind of the camp, build a stove, boil a pot of water, and then build a warehouse tent and their respective camping tents to store public equipment in turn. When the tent of the entire camp is built, the boiled water has been opened, and you can drink and start cooking immediately.

帐篷怎么搭 搭帐篷的技巧有哪些 搭建帐篷注意事项

6. Build a wild toilet: Choose a little lower at the downwind of the camp and stay away from the river (at least 20 meters). It is best to dig a rectangular pit with a width of about 30 cm, about 50 cm long, and about half a meter deep, and put some stone and fir leaves. Surround plastic cloth or packaging box on three sides, fix it, and the opening side should be back. Prepare some sandy soil and a handle of iron and a cardboard. After the stool, use some sand to bury the excrement and sanitary paper, and cover the pits with a board to eliminate the odor.

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