Mix and match the surprise, “Pearl necklace + sweater” is cute and exquisite, 40 + women wear atmosphere to reduce age

Break through the restraint of time and challenge novel wear. Making two unreasonable items, mixing together, can also collide with fashion surprises.

Pearl necklace is elegant and luxurious, with the romance and tenderness of women. The rounded pearl shows more romantic feelings with a delicate gloss. No publicity, elegant atmosphere, more suitable for 40+ women to wear.

Choice of pearl necklace

Women’s love for accessories is self -evident. The sparkling of diamonds, the delicate pearl, the nobleness of gold, and the longness of gems. Different accessories have different feelings.

Pearl necklace is not expensive and more restrained. It belongs to the small -priced small accessories. When choosing a pearl necklace, you need to pay attention to the roundness of the pearl, the uniformity of the size, the softness of the color, and the inner delicateness. At the same time, pearls are diverse, and the colorful pearls are even more natural and like.


Full granules are more exquisite and expensive.


If you look closely, you will definitely find that each pearl has its own characteristics. Natural pearls are particularly rounded, and the subtle bumpy feeling is the most true nature.

But when we choose the pearl necklace, we still need to choose the full granules as much as possible. If the pearl looks particularly flat and not round enough, it will definitely affect the visual aesthetics. Therefore, the more full the granular pearl, the more exquisite and more exquisite.

The pearls with delicate gloss are more gentle

Every pearl has its own gloss, but the gloss reflected by each pearl is not the same. So in daily matching, we need to choose pearls with more delicate gloss.

The delicate pearl, with a more gentle and romantic temperament, decorated with the romance and beauty of women. The more intellectual and mature women, the more they need a delicate pearl necklace to enhance their good complexion and express the more advanced and stylish beauty.

The pearl necklace, the more even the particles are, the more elegant atmosphere. Each pearl necklace has its own feelings. When we choose our own pearl necklace, we will also be more attentive.

Although the larger the pearl particles are, the better, but in the same pearl necklace, we still need to pay more attention to the uniformity between each particle of the pearl necklace. The more uniform grain, the more elegant atmosphere.

Pearl necklace + sweater, collide out more surprises

Pearl necklace and sweater, seemingly two different styles. Unexpectedly, these two items collided together, but they could form a different wonderful.

Pearl necklace is elegant, high -level, gentle, generous. The sweater is casual, lively, handsome, youthful. For 40+ women, wearing a sweater alone seems to be tender. And stacking a pearl necklace instantly has the aura of the big woman.


The pearl necklace is the same color of the sweater, the vision is more coordinated, and elegant is not public.

Pearl necklaces and sweaters are two different styles. If you want to wear a more decent temperament, you may choose the matching of the same color.

The plain white sweater is particularly pure and elegant. Even 40+ women wear it, there is no pressure at all. With the same white pearl necklace, it has a weak pearl light, creating a more romantic, delicate, gentle and beautiful.


The combination of pearl necklace and white dress has more literary and fresh beauty. A lazy gray sweater outside, the beauty of casual atmosphere naturally outlines.

The combination of sweater and pearl necklace can also be seamless. The light gray round neck sweater, appropriate laziness and loose tailoring, coupled with the plain white pearl necklace, echoed the plain white dress, which looks more gentle and elegant.

Fresh blue sweater with white pearl necklace. The small -caliber pearl necklace is more delicate and delicate. Elegant clavicle hair is also more gentle and sweet.


In daily wear, this lazy light blue sweater is equipped with elegant white necklaces to create a high -level and elegant beauty. Even if you wear casual style, you can be so gentle.


Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Which group of pearl necklaces + sweaters do you think is more beautiful? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)


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