Jiang Yingrong private service is really warm, “black down jacket + white sweater + leopard pants”, tide

# 品牌 好物 #

# What to wear today?


In the summer of 2009, there was a group of girls came to us, and they were lively, they love music, everyone has a song with a song in that summer. Jiang Yelong stands out in this group of girls, not with exquisite and innocent phases, but the strength of singing. Jiang Yelong, who sang and jumped, was baptized after the championship, and the representative of no population should be the reason she has been still not fire. I haven’t seen Jiang Yelong on the stage, recently appeared in the airport, wearing a down jacket + sweater + leopard pants, the tide, can be said to be very health.

Model analysis

The lower winter temperature requires a more warm clothing to be cold, but don’t want to be bloated and more fat, so you have to work with the choice of items and mix. The down jacket is a must-have item for everyone in winter, is simple, warm and comfortable, and of course there will be individual design inspiration stunning your sight. Jiang Yelong, this black down jacket version is large, looks thicker and wide, this may be a special style. The inner white hooded sweater is refreshing, with a characterful leopard trousers out of the momentum, and wear a unique trend taste, and even some playful cute.


Black down jacket


The cold winter reflects the importance of the down jacket, and the good warm effect brings a warmth of this winter. The color of the down jacket is dominated by solid color, the stable black is desirably, the hundred is still slim; if you want to be soft and gentle, you can choose rice white or yellow to wear a gentle and sweet, full of vitality; It is a senior Moradi color, calm and elegant, wearing temperament. Jiang Yelong, this black down service version is large, there is not enough gas field to be difficult to wear, so we can use the moderate style as much as possible.


Winter wear

Regardless of the season, the girls want to wear their figure and temperament, even if the cold wind is winter, I want to wear warm and fashionable. Optional warm single products are still quite a lot, warm coat with a high collar sweater, self-contained gentle filter, short down jacket + half-length skirt refreshing, warm and practical. Like Jiang Yingrong down jacket with panty pants, maintaining temperature and personalivity.

White sweater


One piece of sweater can wear in winter from spring and autumn, but wently wear inside, simple and convenient match. White sweater is more classic, clean and refreshing color, salt, sweet, wearing sweet age ages, and brightening the overall tones inside. Jiang Yingrong black and white down jacket and sweater, the color contrast is obvious, the foundation color is more youthful.


Leopard pants

If you still feel that the petule is the costume of the last century, you will have OUT, and the recent trumpet trousers is also frequent in various occasions. Jiang Yelong This leopard pants are more distinctive, and the loose trousers are covered to the foot, visually pull long leg lines, show thin, sexy leopard + retro petunter’s interpretation of the latest fashion.

Jiang Yingrong is probably the first actress in the entertainment circle into the winter, this airport is worn with a warm effect, and the characteristic item also expresses Jiang Yingrong’s superior fashion taste. After thousands of sails, I saw that Jiang Yantong showed youth sweet smile, in fact, she is still a girl who is really dare to fight.

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