Silk scarf changes props, the hat is white hair, how should the uncle Chinese aunt improve the dress?

“Women love silk scarves and men wear hats, which means psychologically acknowledging that she is old.”

Although the silk scarf and hat are just a simple accessories, it has become the standard for the elderly in China. Whether it is a must -have silk scarf or a hat for white hair, in short, most Chinese uncle and aunts’ fashion tastes are delayed by these two accessories.

Chinese aunt’s silk scarf

Audrey Hepburn once said:

“When I tied a silk scarf, I felt like such a woman, a beautiful woman.”

And the Chinese aunt’s understanding of the silk scarf stays


“The props of taking pictures”

In the end, it is basically synonymous with elegant and elegant such as fashion and advanced, which looks rustic and cheap.

The silk scarf worn by Chinese aunt has two characteristics: bright color and too many elements.

The bleached silk scarf itself is more difficult to control. For middle -aged and elderly women, they directly expose their age. The blessing of too much printing element decoration shows the effect of flowers. Highlight the sense of fashion.

How do Chinese aunts choose silk scarves correctly?

First of all, try to choose the model as much as possible

Avoid the color of large red and purple, mainly low -saturated color systems; the printing elements should not be too much, which can be embellished.


One more thing to pay attention to:

Size of silk scarf

Essence Most Chinese aunt’s silk scarves are comparable to scarves and shawls, so try to choose exquisite and small styles, and will not grab the limelight of clothes in the overall match.


How to match the scarf correctly?

As a accessories, the key is that it can brighten the vision and enrich the sense of layering.

Printing silk scarf is never paired with printed clothes


For example, the dark blue printed silk scarf is hidden into the collar, and the details of the silk scarf show the finishing touch. The color of the khaki body skirt and the silk scarf has a clear sense of contrast, but it will not appear abrupt, just right.

All in all, the reason why most Chinese aunts’ silk scarves seem rustic and cheap, mainly because of “selection” and “matching”. If you want to improve your fashion, you may wish to “take the right medicine”. Start with a silk scarf.

Uncle Chinese Uncle’s hat


When entering the elderly stage, many Chinese uncle will wear hats to cover up baldness and white hair, and in winter, they will send the cold and warm field.

Most Chinese uncle has misunderstandings on choosing a hat: specializing in old age.


The main characteristics of the hat of the elderly:

Design rustic, mainly keep warm

, Typical ears and knitted caps, lack of fashion when they are exposed to expose their age.

How do Chinese uncle choose a hat correctly?

For elderly men, first of all, you need to correct an idea: Do not treat the hat as a tool for “covering the shortcomings”, but to see it as a fashion accessory.


Avoid old -fashioned berets, ear -protective hats and wool hats, choose a gentleman’s little hat and a young baseball cap.

How to match the hat correctly?


Try to dress as much as possible with the hat style

Otherwise, it will appear abrupt.

For example, wearing a dark gray suit with black wide -leg trousers, the dark gray hat worn on the head complement the overall shape, showing the elegant gentleman’s grace of elderly men.

Echo the hats and clothing elements and color matching can improve the layering of the overall shape.

Wearing a beige sweater in a camel suit to create a simple and stylish stacking effect. The checkered trousers with the lower body echo the printed baseball cap, and the mixed -match style is reduced and fashionable.


Whether it is to commemorate the youthful youth or wearing a hat to hide the old state, we should not laugh at the uncle and aunts. The elderly in China themselves should also spend more effort on choosing money and dressing. After all, fashion can not be treated with age.

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