Lao Bian’s Shanghai biscuits, three cows are ever -old, eat when I was a child

The young people and the older generation in Shanghai talk about biscuits are two concepts. The former refers to the biscuits with exquisite packaging and a lot of flowers in supermarkets and convenience stores. Generally, they are not conference. The products produced by the old manufacturers who understand the old manufacturers are Taikang, Yiming, Shatin, and so on. Now it is difficult for the old brand of cookies to buy, and food that finds authentic flavors has become a fashion.

Old and early, biscuits are snacks, a bit of luxurious food, and things that make people look forward to the taste of the taste outside the staple food. Unlike the overwhelming and variety of snacks, biscuits are more as snacks, and they will not think of eating for a while without eating.

Many Shanghai people have two kinds of biscuits in the family all year round. The tastes are different. The family takes their own needs.

The shape of this evergreen biscuits should not change for decades, and there is a green image of round, wavy, and middle. In the fancy biscuits world, there are very few products that can maintain the unchanged shape for decades.


Wannian biscuits have “Taoism”: One of the major features of Wannian Biscuits is its onion flavor. How does this onion aroma come from? Onion juice is the key.


One of the ingredients in Sanniu Wannian Biscuits is fresh green onion juice and high -quality vegetable oil, which has a strong aroma.

Buy a box and disassemble it. It is still the familiar onion oil flavor, and the oil of the biscuits of Wannian can be soaked in wrapping paper. It seemed that it was true at the time. That crispy taste is probably the current cooking of cookie biscuits. Take a bite, the salty is sweet, and it is broken when you bite it lightly. It is full of fragrance. Unfortunately, you ca n’t eat too much, and it ’s easy to get tired.



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