After a lapse of 20 years, after Japan’s 00s, we wore “bubble socks” again! It used to be the favorite of Shibuya hot girls

01. Fashion is a circle


It was a bit difficult to open up. When Sister Cannon used to kick a kick and exploded the automatic vending machine, what attracted me the most was not the safety pants, but the bubble socks that were close to the calf.

For me for the “knee sock party”, this bloated thick socks are a waste of slender calves of the girls, and the sense of severe uncoordinatedness focuses on people’s eyes on this too loose socks, so that it is on this so that Visually form a sense of violation of “feet and light”.


But it seems that this sense of disobedience has not become an obstacle to the bubble socks. In the 1990s, socks of socks were synonymous with clothing and trends that were popular in Japan. It was like no gamers can ignore the old man’s ring. At that time, Japanese girls could not stop the temptation of bubble socks.

Looking at the campus from a distance, the white flower’s thighs are entangled with white flower socks. The wrinkles on the socks are like a symbol of identity. The more the number of layers, the more the identity is noble.


The trend of reality is also reflected in the film and television works of that era. In addition to the “Demon Forbidden” and “Super Artillery” series that the sister -in -law appeared, in the “Guardian Sweetheart”, the Japanese version of “Sunshine Sisters Amoy” and other works, socks It also became a mark, telling the audience’s time background as soon as possible.

However, like all trends, bubble socks also have their own life cycle. After time in 2010, the bubble socks also gradually withdrew from the front line of the trend, becoming a kind of memory of the times. Only a small number of elders became “dead loyalty powder” to continue the memory, so that these mainstreams that have been sought after by countless people have become one. People are maverick.

However, in this era of continuous replacement, “retro” is always the warmest harbor of “tears” clothing. Here, even bubble socks that are no longer popular can find the opportunity to glow and heat again. In late March, a photo of a pull team stirred thousands of waves on the outer network.


The photo shows that the girls as the Lala team are dressed in uniform uniforms, and they are fully focused on every move on the field. Although bright blue is the brightest existence in this photo, but the element that really attracts netizens is a bloated socks on the calf.


In Japanese social media, contemporary female high school students once again took their own bubble socks;

In addition to wearing bubble socks normally, the young people now have begun to modify bubble socks, decorate with some old animation small badges, and use retro to the extreme.

The revival of bubble socks also drives the birth of new products. In the traditional sense, bubble socks have only one white color. With the changes of young people, some socks also introduced some bubble socks with different colors.

The clerk revealed that since entering the summer (2021), the number of customers who buy bubble socks every day have continued to increase, so that the inventory has been clear.

This circle of wrinkles, with netizens, instantly recalls the streets of Shibuya twenty years ago, watching each of the black -skinned golden hair. Although they are not one of them, they are the trend of that trend at that time.

Of course, as a branch of JK uniforms, bubble socks are also sought after by domestic JK uniform enthusiasts. On the major social platforms, from time to time, bloggers showed their own bubble socks and brought domestic netizens to recall the past.

As “fashion is a circle”, now in the Japanese campus and in the domestic JK uniform circle, bubble socks are the trend of 80 and 90 generations, which has become a fashion after 00.

After history given the unique value of bubble socks, bubble socks have become a hunting clothing in the form of retro.


02. Memory of Times

Bubble socks cannot be separated from the category of JK uniforms, and Japanese and Japanese dramas are one of the carriers of this real culture. After the trend of bubble socks is re -ignited, these works also play a little more effect.

For the Chinese people, Misaka Misaka Misaka and the Nagenisiam dream of “Guardian Sweetheart” are the two leaders who take them to know the bubble socks.


These two works were born in 2004 and 2006, respectively, and to mention the hottest JK uniform model at this time, it must be “Shibuya Hot Girl”, including bubble socks.

At that time, the JK uniform had just experienced a huge change. Due to the impact of European and American culture, the girls looked forward to the healthy wheat skin and noble blond hair, and they dressed their appearance into an ideal appearance, and bubbles Socks are also one of this European and American culture.

The design of bubble socks is designed by Americans for mountaineering boots. In order to resist the severe cold mountains, the climbers will increase the thickness of the socks in the form of “long socks”.


In the 1990s, this kind of mountaineering socks also introduced to Japan with other European and American culture. After the acceptance and improvement of the younger generation, it gradually evolved into today’s bubble socks. For female high school students, bloated thick socks can not only protect the cold, but also cover the thick leg shape.

During the heyday of bubble socks, almost all of the high school in Japan appeared. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, female high school students all showed their youth with thick socks. The popularity of bubble socks also gave birth to the birth of some complementary products. At that time, students would use glue to stick the socks and skin together in order to prevent the slippery of bubble socks.

In order to ensure the viscosity of glue, there is also a kind of glue for bubble socks on the market. Data show that these anti -glue can sell 10 million in one year. It can be seen that the love of girls’ love for bubble socks has long been beyond people’s imagination.

Of course, in addition to complementary products, we can also feel the enthusiasm from the improvement of socks.


Because the biggest feature of bubble socks is the folds that are concentrated together, in the eyes of young people at the time, the more wrinkles, the more they can show their own personality. As a result, in order to meet the needs of consumers, some businesses also lead the direction of improvement to a certain extreme.


On the market at the time, some full -length bubble socks appeared, which exerted the visual weight loss effect. It is precisely because of the maverick of female high school students because of the bubble socks that it has also become a representative culture of female high school students with JK uniforms.


2 meters long bubble socks, you can even use it as a scarf …

During the heyday of popular socks, “ten pairs per person” (each female high school student has ten pairs of bubble socks), and also selected the top ten of the buzzword awards that year. Popularity is beyond the imagination of outsiders.

It is just that in the fierce Japanese collision, the bubble socks do not have enough stubborn vitality to become a classic of JK uniform culture. As early as 1997, bubble socks slowly began to retreat.


Beginning in about 2000, bubble socks have basically withdrawn from the campus. Only in Shibuya, the frontline of Japan, or some film and television works in this period, we can barely see the bubble socks and related clothing.


After that, Japanese campuses are popular in the middle of our familiar colors. To this day, such socks are still the mainstream of the JK uniform industry.


The relationship between the bubble socks and the spicy girl of Shibuya is like Sanxian Iraq in the hot pot. The combination of the two is not just needed, but there is a lack of souls. The black -skinned spicy girls symbolize the opposition with the campus order. Therefore, in the impression of the Japanese, these two types of clothing are often linked to bad culture.

With the release of some film and television works that talk about bad culture, these young people after 00s have also exposed to clothing related to them, which has a strong interest in it.


For example, in the “Love Return” starring Aragaki Yui, Shibuya hot girls, including bubble socks, have become a bad symbol of rebellion.

The hostess “Toto Toto” is a child who grew up under his mother’s “Sparta -style education”. Since her memory, her mother has forcibly instill her table tennis dreams on her. When he had played his family, Du Manzi was forced by his mother to conduct high -intensity table tennis training.

It may be that Duo Manzi itself has no talent for table tennis, or it may be a master of the ball. She has not been trained hard to make her mother satisfied. In the constant reprimand, she also buried the seeds of rebellion.

Until the mother’s death in the high school, many full -bodies were liberated from the restraint of the mother. At this time, she has been suppressed, choosing a retaliatory life, and enjoying the youth with the most spicy look of “Shibuya Hot Girl”.

In another “Hell Garden” about the rebellious culture, similar clothing has also become a longing for many post -00s.


This is a movie that moves the bad gang culture popular in the student circle to the workplace. The film will be a clothing that symbolizes bad students’ fascination and sailor long skirts. It is combined with Western -style work uniforms. It uses a different perspective to bring the audience to understand Japan’s unique culture.

The expression of “bad students” to become “bad employees” makes the post -80s and 90s experienced people who feel both kind and fresh, and make the post -00s yearn for this special culture. Of course, the actual conditions do not allow young people to experience this bad culture in the form of violence. As a result, they can only use changes in clothing to meet their spiritual needs.

According to media reports, in October last year, the number of photos labeled by “bubble socks” suddenly skyrocketed to 27,000. Many of them were wearing bubble socks to play in Disney and other playgrounds. This phenomenon of Renaissance shocked many older generations.


After all, bubble socks are the popular costumes of their students. I never expected that children today will fall in love with such old objects.


Bubble socks were born in the 1990s. At that time, they were high school students, and they are now parents. In a program that specializes in bubble socks in Japan, some experts point out that the relationship between contemporary students and parents is closely related, especially girls are more willing to communicate with their mother.


In the process of communication, the mother’s aesthetic also influenced the child subtly, and eventually made many contemporary female high school students fall in love with the special socks of bubble socks. So that in public places outside the campus, we can all see girls wearing bubble socks and enjoying youth together.

In addition to the younger younger after 00, some people who really came from that era also provoked the burden of retro.

In Kyushu, Japan, there is a woman who is over 30 and a half years old, named Unu, who is keen to use the “hot girl pretend”, including bubble socks as her daily dress.

Although “Shibuya Hot Girl” is black as the beauty, the blackness of the puppet is obviously beyond the aesthetic range of ordinary people; in order to highlight her eyes, she will even apply black and white eye shadows and five pairs of eyelashes. It’s a hot girl in the hot girl.

Of course, not every Renaissance person will play a maverick to the extreme like う ぬ. More post -00s are just a little exaggerated but still in daily clothing, which is a bit exaggerated but still the trend of the times into the past.


“Trend” may be the most difficult thing to figure out in the world. No one knows what is popular, and does not know when it comes and when.


Just like today’s bubble socks, no one can give an exact answer to demonstrate the vision of people again on the day of the evidence. As a kind of old object, it may be that history determines that it can “” “” Retro “return.


But at least, the houses will not be unfamiliar with such old things. After all, bubble socks in the ACG field are also one of the cute points of characters. Although few works will directly describe the story of bubble socks, as a conspicuous clothing, it is difficult for the audience to ignore its existence.

The excellent performance of these characters in the play makes bubble socks a sign, so that when people mention bubble socks, many old houses can think of these nostalgia in the minds of the old house. Role.


In reality, female high school students were attracted by these past elements through animation, and eventually manifested on themselves, setting off a retro wave.

In the second and third 10 years of the 21st century, there are many old objects that have experienced the Renaissance like the socks of socks. In the era when the flip machine is popular, the crystal stickers for dressing machines are more popular than it. At the moment when wearing a mask becomes normal life, after 00s, we learned to put the crystal stickers on the mask;

At the moment when the game carrier is becoming increasingly diversified, there are still people who keep the inch of the black and white screen of Takuyazi and raise their own small pets day after night; even the huge monsters in the huge EVA can be stuffed into the small Tuo Tuo Among the Magogians machine, the palm in the palm of the fans;


Even those “runaway” elements symbolizing bad and rebellious “running away”, because of the active works such as “I am the Big Brother” and “Saga Idol is Legend”, they are deeply loved by the post -00s.

Almost in any field, you can notice the retro elements. Bubble socks are not the first, nor will it be the last.


03. Conclusion

In this culturally diverse society, socks are not the most mainstream elements, but as a carrier of history, it has its unique value itself.


The older generation can feel the passion and rebellion when it is young. The younger generation can use it to show its unique youth. No matter which group, bubble socks have its meaning.


As a cultural carrier, ACG has become an important opportunity for people to understand the past. After 00, after 00, after gradually becoming the main force leading the trend, they may also understand the “tears” trend like bubble socks through these works, and inherit them in a new form.

It can make some declined clothing shining again in the new era. No story will show the vitality of the post -00s than this inheritance.

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