Men’s winter benefits! Soft cowhide plus velvet boots, specially created for the Chinese foot shape

In clothing, shoes and bags, boys have too few choices than girls. Girls are handsome to put on workers’ boots. And men wear snow boots, and always feel wrong. Winter is here, and the seven -faced option is given to the majority of men: cowhide and velvet boots.


Thick cowhide, windproof and cold

The leather of the leather is thick and wear -resistant. The lychee pattern formed after naturally fell is full of three -dimensional feeling, and it is strong to resist the cold.


Campaign insoles and polyester velvet, lock the temperature

The thick and uniform polyester velvet and sheepskin wool insoles can effectively form a stable heating system in the inside, and lock the heat and heat more lasting.

Thickening rubber is large, cold anti -slip


Thickening and molding rubber bottom, heavy, solid, wear -resistant, 1.8cm high waterproof platform and 3.5cm heel, so that you can be separated from the cold every step in winter. firm.

Give widened and thickened, specially customized for the Chinese people’s foot type


According to the Chinese -rich type of ingredients, and the open shoe design of the desert boots style, the shoes are more flexible and more flexible, and the space in the shoe is more abundant.


On the cold winter, tough and unruly warm leather boots are right. Lightly fell the natural texture cowhide, with the addition of classic desert boots and shoes, complement each other, showing tough and stylish temperament.


The height of the middle gang boots, extend the visual sense of the legs, can be paired with jeans, can also be matched with a coat format. Click [Learn more] below to enter the main venue of Double 11, or search for “Xiaomi Youpin” in the headline to enter the small program to buy.

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