Zhenmei will wish to take a dream Runhua Tianze Christmas Hyun Gift Party

Zhenmei will wish, ride in dreams

2021 Audi Northeast Zone Christmas Hyun Rites Party

You can enjoy 10,000 yuan car purchase gift for 200 yuan

The beautiful gift is the same as you!

Runhua Audi Jinan High -tech Store


Passionate courtesy, you can’t enjoy it

[Ticket exclusive gift] 200 yuan tickets before the event, buy a car to enjoy a 12888 yuan gift package.

[Beautiful arrival of the store] Sign -in for the event on time can get a beautiful place to the store.

[Color Lucky Ceremony] Tickets can participate in the store’s colorful raffle, 100%winning

[Questions and Answers Interactive Ceremony] Knowledge Q & A interaction, participants have exquisite gifts.

[Test Drive Test Gift] Send an Audi A4L tea cup or wireless mouse when you test drive. (The quantity is limited, first set first first)

[Car Purchase Lucky Ceremony] The official flagship store places an order A3L/A3S/A4L/Q2L/Q5L model, and has the opportunity to obtain gifts such as the savior lack, H3S projector, Wang Yibo’s famous skateboard, winter travel warm heart bag, shopping card and other gifts. (The quantity is limited, first set first first)

[New car booking Golden Ceremony] The official flagship store has a new car model, and the Audi Tmall elves will be sent to the verification. (The quantity is limited, first set first first)

[Surprise Collection Praise] Publish a topic in the official flagship store of Audi#【【【【【【in the coming year to buy Audi or users to take a group photo with their favorite car, release the content to say that the top 10 users have the opportunity to get the FLAG model, Gifts such as Audi retro bagglasses. (The quantity is limited, first set first first)

[Huanxin Value Gift] Free assessment and sending gifts for free, replacement of up to 23,000 yuan subsidy

[Financially Selected Gifts] 10 % down payment, ultra -low monthly supply, up to 72 issues, enjoy the original extension of the original factory

[Boutique discount ceremony] Active Audi boutique discount excitement

[Value -for -money feedback ceremony] ① Old agency, new and old car owners can get 1,000 yuan installation coupons ②Poostels to buy and enjoy 3 basic maintenance

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All employees of Runhua Audi Jinan High -tech Store are looking forward to your visit

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