Simple hook needle package

Sometimes I do n’t want to bring a bag when I go out. It ’s inconvenient to take my mobile phone. I often ca n’t find it when I put it.So I hook myself a simple mobile phone bag, one can be held on the wrist, one can hang on the neck, which is convenient and convenient, and the hook method is super simple.Sisters have the remaining line.

detailed steps:


1. There are 24 stitches with needles, long needles on the circle, two needle long needles on each end, and a total of 48 needles long needles in a circle.

2. Hook 4 President needle.

3.6 Fishing net grid, that is, 3 stitches below and one flower below, 4 stitches in the middle.

4. Green wires are fine 4 governor needles, and the wool line is slightly thick hook 3 governor needles.

5. Green: Hook 5 -line grid, the 6th behavior of the 6th behavior, each grid hooks 5 needle short needles.


Light coffee color: 1 row grid, 1 line of short needle, each grid hook 5 short needles.The third row hook 5 braid grids.4 lines are the same as 3 lines.Line 6 Two 6 -needle braid grids, one in the middle of 7 long needle flowers.Line 7 a lap of short needles, each spend 7 short needles.


See the picture below

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