True Watch T1 Sports Experience: Not only can you watch data, but also listen to music.

Although it is not a sportsman, it is my habit to insist on trotting every day. It is a good thing to check your own sports data and enjoy music during the running process, but the phone is too bulky and it is inconvenient to carry it on your body, so I am me I have been thinking about how to improve this problem. Although ordinary sports bracelets can see data, they basically did not support the function of listening to music until I saw the real watch T1.


The advantage of smart watches is that the function is far more than ordinary bracelets, and it is also light enough, and the battery life is good. In addition to the daily receiving messages, the real watch T1 also does very well in terms of sports. The main thing is to support the listening music function I value.

There are many types of real watches that support sports. Running alone is divided into outdoor running, indoor running and marathon running. In addition, there are cycling, walking, swimming, elliptical machines, rowing machines, badminton, mountain climbing, off -road, yoga, yoga, yoga Wait. Here, I will experience the function of running.


On the function interface, select the running function. After you are ready, press the start button to start running. The watch comes with the GPS function. You can record the trajectory of your running. This can be viewed on the phone. During the running process, you can record your running distance, duration, average heart rate, steps and pace, how many calories are consumed, and you can summarize the five interli -level heart rate in the following, and the exercise data is very transparent.


Having said that, a special feature is that this watch supports playing music. You do n’t need to carry your mobile phone, built -in 2G memory, you can download the music inside, connect the Bluetooth headset, you can listen to it. If you follow a song, if you follow a song, you can follow a song. About 4M memory, this watch can save 500 songs. If you transmit music, you can transmit it through Bluetooth in the health app, device, and music management. Although the headset has a built -in speaker, it does not support playing music. You need to connect the Bluetooth headset with a watch and play it through the Bluetooth headset.


In the process of exercise, you can set your own running goals, for example, you want to run a kilometer, then there will be voice broadcasts when completing 50%and 100%. Left -left, you can suspend exercise, check the time and adjust the volume; if you slide to the right, you can control the music playback, cut the song or adjust the volume, and generate a report after completing the exercise. Some information can be viewed on the watch. For detailed information, it will be transmitted automatically after connecting to the phone.

If you receive a call during the exercise, you can also answer it on the watch. The speaker of the watch will be directly released. This is also the core function of this watch, which can support dialing and answering. As for other sports modes and functions, everyone is welcome to explore by themselves.

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