How does the supermarket store design light?

Supermarket lighting design is a professional field, according to the characteristics of the commodity function, use, layer high, surrounding environment, then determine the color temperature, illuminance, color index, etc., and consider whether to conflict with the ceiling shape … In short, the key is to focus the capture of the color in the goods.

For most supermarkets, it is very important for consumption upgrades, the significance of supermarkets is not limited to the convenient commodity and services to the vast number of consumer groups, but also to provide a comfortable shopping environment for consumers. In the process of performing supermarket design, we should use consumer demand as a starting point, and provide a pleasant shopping scene to consumers.

Today, we share the details of the supermarket lighting design, I hope to help everyone.


Supermarket lighting design considerations

Will you need to make a full range of considerations regardless of your decoration design.

Determine the light illumination type

For most supermarkets, it is a very important element. The lighting lighting is an indispensable part of the supermarket to create an atmosphere. For the different nature of the supermarket, the type of lighting is generally used vertical lighting, which is also in the supermarket decoration. Common one. There is also a special fresh lamp, the side lights different lighting types, for supermarkets, no matter what light illumination, it is necessary to educe the overall pattern of the supermarket. It is necessary to pay attention to the overall lighting inside the supermarket, to give consumers should be in a transparent shopping environment.

Location design

For supermarkets, the lights must not only meet the basic lighting demand, but also guarantee the overall atmosphere of the supermarket, which will not affect the mood of consumers, this is very important.

Therefore, for the installation location of the luminaire, most of the vertical luminaire installation is mostly used in the casual snack area, which can effectively display the characteristics of the item and the label clear and bright display in front of the consumer, to purchase unnecessary time for it. And different luminaires produce unused lighting effects.

Pay attention to the overall match of the supermarket

Most of the style of the supermarket decoration design is mainly based on simple winds, so the overall color match is very fresh and natural, so the light design needs to pay attention to the overall match.

For the wall, the surface, and the color matching of the ceiling has a certain impact on the lighting lighting, and of course the internal area of ​​the supermarket is very detailed. For the fruit and vegetable area, specialized fresh lights can be used, and the deputy food area can be used vertical lighting design. , The cooked area uses a warm color light design. The characteristics of all goods will be highly integrated, and consumers are interested in greater extent.


Appreciation of lighting design

Shopping atmosphere to create light design

The ceiling is arranged in the ceiling, and the light of the spotlight is turned to the commodity cabinet. Under the gathering of the light, the packaging color of the goods is more bright, and LOGO is very conspicuous, attracting the attention of consumers. The purpose of the spot is not for lighting, but to create a relaxed shopping environment.

Snack shelf illumination design


There are 4 colors of the fluorescent lamp,

which is


Luxury cool white light pipe

It gives people a cool feeling, and makes all the colors to maintain primary color and near the original color;

Luxury warm white light pipe

, Give people warmth, like incandescent lights, strengthen warm light, reduce blue, green cold light;

Cool white light pipe

Produce cool feelings, keep the original color, emphasize orange light, reduce red light,

Warm white light pipe,


Generate warmth, similar to incandescent light, maintain the color of the original, strengthen yellow light, reducing the effect of red light and cold light. The sales area is mainly two lights.

Lighting design of non-sales zones

In non-sales areas, such as workspaces and passenger flow intensive districts, luxury sunlight using standard colors is more effective. The former effect is 30% higher than the latter, and the effect of incandescent lamps is only 40 ~ 50% of the luxury daylight tube.


Lighting design of fruit and vegetable area

This is to configure the lighting of different items according to different color temperatures of the light source to achieve the effect of attracting consumers and enhance customer purchase. Especially in the supermarket fresh area, the outer casing of the lamps will be decorated while the lighting effect is achieved, while achieving different colors of yellow, red, blue, green, orange, and purple.

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