The temperature rises “big white” so hot! These “quick -drying clothes” come from their love

Today, the temperature in Shanghai is significantly warmer, with a sultry and hot body, and the highest temperature is 33 degrees. Such a physical temperature is definitely a test for volunteers in “big white”.


In Yuyuan Street in Huangpu District, these days, volunteers are almost dressed in “Bai” every day in the community to serve residents. Under the sun, they have been sweating soon and back. From March 26, the staff of the Yuyuan Street Office, various departments, centers, urban construction centers, urban transportation centers, comprehensive law enforcement teams, and residential areas have returned to work one after another. It has not been home for a long time, especially when the weather turns hot and lacks clothes for washing clothes, Adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd. actively proposes to donate a batch of quick -drying sportswear to solve the urgency of first -line staff.


On the afternoon of April 10th, one by one loaded Adidas’s love, it was delivered to the street. From distribution to transportation and distribution, Adidas completed the delivery task as quickly as possible. After changing to the sportswear, the staff said, “No longer afraid of taking off the big white clothes, the clothes are soaked.”


In the face of the impact of the epidemic, companies said that they must pay attention to their own development, but also actively cooperate with and fully support the prevention and control of the epidemic, practice corporate responsibilities with practical actions, and compose the feelings of Chizi with enthusiasm. It is hoped that the Shanghai epidemic will end soon and restore the normal production and life order as soon as possible.

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