Old Shanghai Convented shirt precious advertisement

Shanghai Kangpai Shirt Factory was formerly known as Standard Costume Manufacturing Factory Co., Ltd. in August of the Republic of China (1944), Zhu Xilin was invested in Laosu Road (now Liuhe Road), No. 18, only 8 square meters and 1 units of simple factories Sewing machines, 1 charcoal iron, 1 scissors, 3 people, produced shirts. In the 37th year of the Republic of China, it was renamed Kangpai Shirt Factory. Registered with the card of the Kangpai license plate, expanded production in the same year, adding 12 flat sewing machines, 2 special switching machines and eye -catching machines. In 1951, Kangpai’s license plate was renamed Tianping brand trademark. From 1952 to 1954, Feng Songtao, a Liangyou velvet shop, abandoned the factory, and Zhenhe Tea Zhu Yinqing was valued at the 400 -square -meter plant on the 14th of Beijing East Road 360. After the public -private partnership in 1956, production rose quarterly, and the products began to export. In 1958, a mass technological innovation was carried out, and the sewing machine was changed to electric motor ground axis transmission. The daily output of shirts increased from 620 to 1250. In October 1972, the seven shirts and the fourth shirts and workers and raincoats were merged. The employees increased to 653. The factory department moved to No. 23 Ningbo Road (the original site of Gongnong Rainwear Factory). The plant area reached 4,370 square meters. Essence In 1975, the output was 1.5658 million, which was more than 740,000 in 1972. The annual export shirts increased from 335,000 to 738,000, an increase of more than 1.1 times.


The Kangpai Schi shirt has a long history. The picture above shows the exquisite advertisement of the old contestants of the old Shanghai in 1947.

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