“Plush Sofa Case” Flat Sofa Case How to clean and maintain the plush sofa set

Plush sofa cloth fabric is one of the most popular fashion sofa suits in the market. This type of sofa suit material is more suitable for winter use. Is the flange sofa cushion? How to clean the plush sofa set?

Is the flange sofa set?

The plush sofa sleeve is mainly flaw -flavored and coral velvet. These two kinds of plush sofa are pretty good, very comfortable, the color is pure and generous, the plush is more delicate and dense, the fabric is thick, the cost is good, the warmth is soft, the feel is soft, the feel is soft smooth.

How to clean the plush sofa set

「毛绒沙发套」法兰绒沙发套好吗 毛绒沙发套怎么清洗保养


Flat velvet contains wool. Although most fabrics have been shrunk, they should still pay attention to prevent shrinking when washing. When washing, it is best to choose warm water or cold water. Do not use hot water, because hot water can cause wool to shrink and harden. The best way to wash is hand -washing to reduce the damage to fabrics.

Washing flaws should use neutral detergents, and bleach cannot be used, because bleach contain chloride, which will destroy the material material and cause the fabric to turn yellow. The correct method of washing is to dissolve the neutral detergent in warm water, soak the flaw poured in a few minutes, rub it with the stains softly with your hands, and do not use the brush. It will destroy the fluff of the fabric. Causes fluff to fall off. Wash it with water after washing, and dry it in the ventilation place after dehydration.

「毛绒沙发套」法兰绒沙发套好吗 毛绒沙发套怎么清洗保养

Coral velvet

Machine washing: First stack the coral velvet rolls into the mesh bag into the washing machine; use general detergents and clean it at room temperature, and do not rinse water; dry it naturally after cleaning, do not use the cage type, do not iron.

「毛绒沙发套」法兰绒沙发套好吗 毛绒沙发套怎么清洗保养

Hand washing: First of all, inject warm water of about 30 degrees Celsius into the container, and add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent; then put the coral velvet in the container soak, soak for about 20 minutes, then gently scrub the coral velvet again to make the coral velvet in the coral velvet The stains are released, and the sewage is removed; then repeatedly rinsed with water, squeezed out the water, and finally dry it in the coolness. Do not expose it.

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