Creative wine racks, let wine “home” can be returned!

For wine enthusiasts, wine racks are essential, otherwise how to place those wines? If you don’t want to buy a store or a wine cabinet that takes place in a store or supermarket, why not build a unique wine rack yourself? Plastic, wood, metal, fabric … as long as you can find it, you can become a material for making creative wine racks. The good wine racks can be hung on the wall, placed on the table, put in the cabinet, and can even take it out for decorations. Don’t worry about insufficient space or inconsistency. Today this article has compiled a set of pictures of creative wine racks for everyone, hoping to inspire everyone.

1. Wooden board wine rack

The materials are simple, a piece of wooden board, it is enough to hit the hole. This wine rack is obviously inspired by Champagne brewing process. Champagne is a similar wooden frame (but the wooden frame is “human” shape) in the champagne. And this type of wooden board can be leaned on the wall, saving a lot of space.

2. Weaving wine rack

creative! You can make a good wine rack with iron wire and hemp rope, which can be used as decorations. However, most people really can’t use a hemp rope to make a wine rack. Maybe they can be replaced with hard canvas?

3, square table wine rack


A simple table, nailing a few wooden strips, becomes a wine rack! If there is a kind of wooden bar with arc, you can also hang the wine glass on the opposite side of the table. The wine rack and the cup holder are integrated.

4. Box wine rack


If there is such a small box with a small grid at home, why not use it for wine racks? Just fix the box on the wall.


5, steel wire wine rack


Is this very similar to an hourglass? With a few steel rings, plus iron wires and wooden boards, the wine can be “inverted”. You can twist the wire into any shape, how to look good.

6. Copper tube wine rack

If there are small copper ornaments at home, as shown in the figure above, it can be reused. With a well -tough cloth or artificial leather, you can make a creative wine rack.


7, pallet wine rack

Have you seen that kind of handle? It should be very common in factories or pier. This wine rack is completely made of a tray. One of the tray is divided into two. It is fixed on the wall. It can be placed both the wine bottle or the wine glass. It is very practical!

8. Makeup table wine rack


If you have a cosmetic table or similar furniture at home, you can also make it into a wine rack yourself. Get off the drawer, leave the space, and make a small shelf in a small size.

9. Door frame wine rack

A very simple wine rack. Just fix the two wooden boards on the door frame (one of the wooden boards have small holes, you can insert the bottle in). I can only say that this wine rack is really concise and save space, but can I not close the door hard?


10. Celasum wine rack

Very modern mini wine rack. A simple wine rack can be used with a plywood, wood nail, and rubber band.

11. Iron wine rack

The iron rack that is buckled one by one looks very good! The two small sections of the thick iron wire are combined into a small iron frame, and then the small iron frames are connected in series. It seems that such a trick can come up with such a trick.

12. Food cabinet wine rack


The food cabinet is added with two wavy wooden boards to put the wine bottle. Some people will ask why they cannot be placed directly in the food cabinet, because the general wine bottle needs to be inverted or flat (the wine with the spiral cover or the wine that will be drank in the short term), otherwise the cork is easy to crack. (Reference/hgtv)


Red Wine Encyclopedia, China’s leading wine new media, WeChat public account: wikiwine.

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