The cleaning method of cross -stitch pillow sleeves is better to maintain

I don’t know when it started, there was a wave of embroidery cross -stitch in the streets and alleys. The mother -in -law and aunts at home also seem to treat this as a way of grinding time in life. Cross -stitch murals, cross -stitch pillowcases, etc., were born in their hands. As a precious handicraft, it contains the pins of mothers, and must be well maintained. But do you know how to clean the cross -stitch pillow case?

Cleaning method of cross -stitch pillowcase

Because the cross stitch pillow case is a handicraft, the pattern on the above pattern is very high in production, and it is very easy to be damaged. Therefore, when cleaning, you should be cautious. Essence

Step 1: There are generally water -soluble strokes when the cross -stitching is painted before. You can soak the cross -stitch finished product in water for a while to allow it to dissolve naturally. The water temperature should be slightly warm or cold water, and the time for soaking should not be too long.

Step 2: When washing the cross -stitch pillow, should be washed by hand instead of dry washing. Do not rub it too hard when washing. It is best to use a neutral washing solution. After washing, use clear water several times. In addition, you can also add a little salt when cleaning to avoid fading.

Step 3: After the cleaning work is over, you can put the cross stitch pillow cover on a large clean towel, rolled up to press the water instead of twisting. The cross stitch cannot be dried in the sun. You can put it in a relatively dry and ventilated place to let it dry naturally.

Maintenance method of cross -stitch pillowcase

After drying the cross, it should be ironed neatly to put it away. When ironing, pave it flat and iron from the back to avoid damage to the metal wire embroidery and beading part of the front of the cross. When saving, if you want to mount it, let professional people deal with it; if it is collected by yourself, it should exist in a dry place, and at the same time, avoid the sunlight and prevent insects. In addition, in order to avoid creases on the cross stitch pillow, it should be rolled up and saved instead of folding.

The embroidered cross -stitch pillowcase is a very detailed job. The stitches and one line are the hard work of mothers. It should be well maintained and stored well.

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