Is it necessary to install the car water tank?

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What is the insect -proof net? It is also called the water tank protection network, the radiator protection network, the water tank mask, etc. In short, it is a stainless steel wire mesh, blocking the front of the front to play a protective role. Gim gim?

As far as most car structures are concerned, the first radiator we see in front of the front is actually the air conditioner condenser, and the external bumper and the front face part of the front of the car usually leave a venter opening, that is, the intake septum grid. Some cars use honeycomb mesh, and some cars simply open their mouths. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, the flow of the air flow is very large. The small stones and gravel thrown out of the wheels in front of the vehicle will indeed cause some damage to the radiator. In the summer night, there will be a lot of flying worms because of the lightness of flying worms. I believe that many friends have encountered rain -like flying insects, and these flying worms will be killed on the radiator. Think about it. The radiator seems to be really miserable.

The radiator is composed of a large amount of aluminum wing tablets. These wings are very thin and very fragile. Flying insect corpses and small stones are stuck inside. Not good, the powerful water pressure can also cause the heat dissipation sheet to be damaged. This is not alarmist. Gently touch the heat sink with your hands, and you know how easy it is to deform. Therefore, the creativity of the protective network is indeed reasonable.


So should you install this protective net? That’s not necessarily, because the need for protection is to prevent damage. If you just drive in the city, then this thing is unnecessary to you. If you run long and high -speed, this thing is really necessary. I am the latter user, which has a protective net in several cars. After a few years, the water tank is as good as new, but there is everything on the protection network. I even found the phenomenon of local being broken. Think about this stone. If you directly hit the radiator, it must be damaged.


Some people say that the insect -proof net can only block worms and cannot block flying flip. This is too light to say that the conclusions that have not been investigated and researched are nonsense? In the spring of the spring, all the flying flips were intercepted, and there was no radiators at all. However, it should be reminded that the protective network is not overwhelmed once and for all, but we must pay attention to cleaning up. If damaged, you must replace it in time. As for some people say that it will block the problem of heat dissipation, and practice the truth, I can answer it very responsible, no.


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