Washed milk products recommendation: moderate hydration clean, let the skin are clean and not tight, the word of mouth is very good

Washing milk products recommendation: gentle hydration clean, let the skin is clean and not tight, the word of mouth is very good!

Boots cucumber facial cleanser


Boots is a flat-price brand that belongs to the UK, so their home products are very suitable for the student party and eating girl. Its facial cleanser is a gel’s texture. The nature is very mild, and the cleaning is suitable for a faint cucumber taste. Special kindness, cleaning skills are not good for oils, but Mixed skin and dried skin are very suitable, plus gentle, dried peel can be used with confidence.

婵 真 银 杏

200g is super big, I feel that one can be used for half a year, the fragrance is relatively light, the foam is generally like, the texture is more gentle, the cleaning is quite good, but the dry skin will have some tensile, more suitable for oil skin and mixed oil Type skin.

ELTA MD amino acid cleansing

The hot net red washed milk, and it is an amino acid content washing milk. Pressing the press-based design, Xiaobian feels that this is used to have this spit point, why it will have a dry face, which will always have a dry face, and the designer does not change? With a bubble network, you can get a lot of bubbles. After washing, the face will not do it.

Flower set amino acid washing milk

Flower gyzyco is ambic acid ingredient, weakly acidic safety formula, cleaning the skin, also has a moisturizing effect, is not tight, the skin is not tight, the faint fragrance is very good, not picking skin, fragile Sensitive muscles can also be used with confidence, many star big coffee is used, quality quality is as confused!


The fragrant goat milk tastes, but also rich in goat milk and nano-pearl powder, not only cleansing, but also balances water oil, brightens skin tone, whitening, converges pores, go to blackhead and closed acne, improve acne muscles, Make the skin like the eggs of the shell.

So I also bought one with the wind. It’s very simple and generous. The texture is very delicate, and the bubble is very good. The bubbles played very delicate, these fine bubbles, the adsorption is very good, in the face Massage, a lot of blackheads can be directly squatted, this cleaning effect is too stunning! After cleansing, you can’t forget you once! And after washing, the face is smooth and moisturizing, the skin is full of feelings! Half of use, the acne is indeed, the skin state has improved, and even the blackhead is also slowly disappeared, the skin has become delicate, even the skin color looks a lot! It’s really “the light of China.”

Washing Milk, Yun Fan


It is a parallel milk series specially developed for lazy sisters. If you use it, it is also a feeling of comfortable. It is a natural clean level, and it is still very nice. When it’s said that it is famous, he will have a famous milk, and the washing milk contains bitter orange flower extract. It is also the ingredients of their owners. It is particularly good for skin and anti-inflammation. All skin is also the first choice for sensitive muscle fairy!


It is really able to clean the skin pores, even if the oil on both sides of the nose will also be clean, gentle, not stimulating, you can get a soft bubble, delicate foam can go deep into the hair follicle, thoroughly clean the pores The stains, and the water can be rushed, refuse to remain! Every time I feel this facial clean milk like a “pore vacuum cleaner”, the whole body is as refreshing. After 30 days of over, the acne on the face, the blackhead will also be reduced, and even the pores are delicate. Now my skin is bright and flawless!

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